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On-Demand Webinar on LinkComm Software

Watch our new on-demand webinar on SUTRON LinkComm software, hosted by experts Mike Nelson and Brandt Hellstern.

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The new SATLINK 3 Lite is out now!

The SUTRON SatLink3 Lite is a cost-effective solution to log and transmit data over geostationary environmental satellites and is the latest addition to the SatLink3 family.

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New: OTT SVR 100

A non-contact, compact surface water velocity radar sensor designed for measuring flow in open channels and rivers where reliable data is required.


NEW: Combo package Hydromet Cloud & OTT ecoLog 500

Save costs and time-consuming trips to the measuring site as you have access to your data at any time and wherever you are.

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The new precipitation measuring instrument that combines the advantages of a tipping and weighing system.


Discover the NEW Lufft WS100 Precipitation Sensor

Fast, safe & absolutely maintenance-free precipitation measurement, thanks to innovative radar technology!


OTT Pluvio² S

The standard in precipitation measurement: the trusted accuracy of the OTT Pluvio series, now in a compact housing!

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Groundwater Data Your Way

OTT Hydromet and Sutron have combined to provide best-in-class groundwater sensors and telemetry offerings

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Service Plus Programs

Lower lifetime ownership costs and maximize instrument up-time.

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Comprehensive Webinar Program

Our spontaneously compiled webinar program contains, among others, some components of the on-site training modules and is therefore well-suited to gradually familiarize yourself with the topics that are interesting for you.

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Customer success stories

You are looking for OTT HydroMet references to inform yourself about implemented projects? You find them on the project overview!

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