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New: OTT UV Nitrate Sensor

Learn more about reliable and high quality measurements with the OTT ecoN.


New: Sutron XLink 100 and 500 Datalogger / Transmitter

Learn more about the Multi-Sensor Input Logger with data transmission via lridium or Cellular.


New: OTT SVR 100

A non-contact, compact surface water velocity radar sensor designed for measuring flow in open channels and rivers where relibale data is required.


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NEW: Combo package Hydromet Cloud & OTT ecoLog 500

Save costs and time-consuming trips to the measuring site as you have access to your data at any time and wherever you are.

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The new precipitation measuring instrument that combines the advantages of a tipping and weighing system.


Discover the NEW Lufft WS100 Precipitation Sensor

Fast, safe & absolutely maintenance-free precipitation measurement, thanks to innovative radar technology!


NEW! Hydrolab HL7

Continuous Water Quality Data, Reliability and Usability You Can Trust


OTT Pluvio² S

The standard in precipitation measurement: the trusted accuracy of the OTT Pluvio series, now in a compact housing!

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Groundwater Data Your Way

OTT Hydromet and Sutron have combined to provide best-in-class groundwater sensors and telemetry offerings

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Service Plus Programs

Lower lifetime ownership costs and maximize instrument up-time.

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Free Whitepaper: OTT SVR 100

What are the applications for continuous flow measurement in rivers, streams and canals? How do you get reliable measurement results? And who guarantees the quality of your data, especially in extreme events with high outflows? Download the Whitepaper and learn more about the operation principle and benefits of surface water velocity measurement with the OTT SVR 100.

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Phytoplankton Measurement

Phytoplankton measurement is key for understanding the health of an aquatic ecosystem in both freshwater and saltwater environments. Measuring phytoplankton can provide valuable insights regarding the biological status of any given aquatic System.

Learn about fluorometer technology

Download: WQ Selection Guide

Measurement of water quality is decisive for the characterisation of water bodies. OTT Hydromet offers a variety of water quality instrumentation and nutrient sensors for long-term applications. Learn more about our water quality instruments and which one works best for you!

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