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NEW: OTT ecoLog 1000 with Conductivity

The OTT ecoLog 1000 all-in-one water level logger and telemetry solution is now available with conductivity measuring capabilities.

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Introducing the next generation in reliable water level and temperature monitoring with smart sensor capabilities.

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On-Demand Webinar: Demystifying Cybersecurity for the Water Sector

Proactively address risks in water through better understanding

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Water monitoring agencies worldwide trust AQUARIUS to acquire, process, model, and publish water information in near real-time.

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The new ISE sensors for the HL Series

The Ion Selective Electrode sensors for Ammonium, Nitrate or Chloride are used for attended monitoring and qualitative monitoring programs

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New: Sutron XLink 100 and 500 Datalogger/Transmitter

Learn more about the Multi-Sensor Input Logger with data transmission via lridium or Cellular.


New: OTT SVR 100

A non-contact, compact surface water velocity radar sensor designed for measuring flow in open channels and rivers where relibale data is required.



The new precipitation measuring instrument that combines the advantages of a tipping and weighing system.


Discover the NEW Lufft WS100 Precipitation Sensor

Fast, safe & absolutely maintenance-free precipitation measurement, thanks to innovative radar technology!


OTT Pluvio² S

The new benchmark in precipitation measurement - the new weighing precipitation gauge OTT Pluvio² S

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Our popular pressure level and temperature sensor, now with an added conductivity cell!

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An Introduction to AQUARIUS

It's not as simple as just collecting water data and making decisions, there's much more to your job. Meet AQUARIUS, the world's leading software platform for water data management.

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Introducing LTE-M For More Connectivity

OTT HydroMet is excited to introduce the next generation of connectivity for the OTT ecoLog 1000 water level logger for groundwater and surface water monitoring. Take a moment to check out the new ecoLog specifications.

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We're Growing! Join Our Field Services & Support Team

OTT HydroMet is a global developer and manufacturer of technologies to help detect floods, make solar power more efficient, protect the environment, and ultimately save lives. Following growth in the company’s UK business, OTT HydroMet is seeking a new Service Technician to add to the UK team.

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Podcast: A Trip to the Scottish Islands – On-Site Checks & Calibration

Ferry captains rely on accurate information on water level, wind, and further weather parameters. They pull this data from OTT HydroMet sensors sited at the pier. Robin Guy, Senior Service Technician for OTT HydroMet, is installing and maintaining these sensors. In this episode, he talks about his life as a service engineer and how his team contributes to safer ferry traffic and a longer life span of the used technology even in the harshest conditions..

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An Expedition to Canada’s Highest Weather Station at Mount Logan

At an elevation of 5,959 meters (19,551 feet), Mount Logan is the highest mountain in Canada and the second-highest peak in North America. Its extraordinary topography and almost 300 meters thick ice sheet provide unique insights into our planet’s climate. Since May 2021, an automated weather station provides invaluable data from the summit plateau. The heart of the station is an extremely robust datalogger from OTT HydroMet.

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