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Water Quality Monitoring and Weather Data at Pampulha Lake-Brasil

 In 2010, OTT Hydromet's partner in Brasil,  Hexis began working with CETEC. This resulted in the installation of a buoy, equipped with an automatic profiling system, in early 2013. The project’s objective is the continuous monitoring of the lake’s water quality, with focus on improving this by the 2014 World Cup Games.  Adcon, Lufft and OTT technologies (Hydrolab DS5X multi-parameter probe and OTT DuoSens datalogger) are used in conjunction with one another to record the water quality data.  

Read a detailed project description here

Water quality multi-probe for  maximum deployment times

Hydrolab DS5X - Multiparameter Data Sonde

Water Quality Sonde for Maximum Deployment Times

Hydrolab DS5X multiparameter water quality sonde offers the most Hydrolab sensors on a multiparameter platform especially designed for longterm unattended monitoring

  • Attended Unattended
  • Temperature, Conductivity, Depth, pH, Oxygen Reduction Potential (ORP), Dissolved Oxygen (LDO), Dissolved Oxygen (Clark Cell), Turbidity, Chlorophyll a, Blue-Green Algae, Rhodamine WT, Ammonium, Nitrate, Chloride, Total Dissolved Gas (TDG), Ambient Light
  • The Hydrolab sonde with the most available sensors and a central cleaning system to minimize fouling
  • SDI-12, RS-485, RS-232, TTY

The monitoring system is equipped with a DS5X Multiparameter sonde fitted with:

  • A central cleaner
  • Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen (LDO) Sensor
  • Temperature sensor
  • Conductivity sensor
  • Turbidity sensor
  • Depth sensor
  • Chlorophyll sensor

On top of the buoy:

  • A SDI12 is combined with the WS301 sensor for atmospheric pressure, temperature, humidity, solar radiation, and an ADCON RG1 rain gauge for meteorological monitoring.
  • All sensors are connected to an OTT DuoSens datalogger with a GSM / GPRS modem, transmitting data hourly to the Mining Institute of Water - IGAN FTP server.
  • The SDI-12 serial communication between sensors and datalogger allows the monitoring of 6 water quality parameters, and 5 meteorological parameters using only 2 physical ports of the datalogger.
  • The use of an integrated weather sensor facilitates the installation on top of the buoy.
  • The Sonde’s central cleaner and the use of a Luminescence Dissolved Oxygen sensor provide ample time between maintenance (cleaning) of sensors, even in highly polluted waters


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