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Reservoir Aabach Germany - Continuous monitoring of contact pressure

With a total volume of approximately 20 million cubic meters of water and a length of 450 meters, the reservoir supplies drinking water for 200.000 people in the area and fulfils also an important  function in the flood protection there. With the new monitoring solution it was possible to reduce the workload and cost for collecting, reading out and transmitting of data significantly. An alarmfunction if limit values are exceeded provides more safety.

OTT PLS - vented pressure transducer

OTT PLS - Pressure Level Sensor

Robust ceramic pressure transducer for water level measurement

The OTT PLS, SDI-12 or 4 ... 20 mA pressure probe, measures water level, depth to water, or pressure using an integrated controller and ceramic pressure-measuring cell.

  • Surface water Groundwater
  • Vented pressure cell
  • Water level, Pressure, Temperature
  • Water level and temperature measurement - for use with external data logger
  • 0 … 4, 10, 20, 40, and 100 m
  • ± 0.05% FS
  • No
  • SDI-12, RS-485 (using SDI-12), or 4 … 20 mA
Multichannel IP datalogger

OTT netDL Data Logger

Data loggers for remote data collection & long term monitoring

The versatile OTT netDL 500 and 1000 data loggers were developed specifically for use in hydrology and meteorology stations. In addition to recording data, the loggers are extremely low power and offer flexible data transfer options via the internet and mobile networks, providing a logging and telemetry solution for every project.

  • Ethernet USB-Host USB-Device RS-232 Satellite Cellular Industrial Communication
  • High data availability due to large memory and redundant communication, Multitasking capability for short polling cycles, Communication via TCP/IP, Integrated Web Server, Ultra low power consumption, Design for harsh environments, Industrial communication
  • Yes
  • SDI-12, RS-485 (SDI-12), Modbus RTU, analogue-in (voltage and current), Impulse Input, Status Input

Data of the Aabach reservoir:
length: approx. 3 km
width: max. 1,5 km
total volume: approx. 20 million m³

Function - supply of drinking water for more than 200.000 people
                flood protection

In the dam with its length of 450 m there is a spillway, a bottom outlet and operational outlets in different hights to withdraw water from the system. In the past, daily control visits at the measuring sites were necessary to read out data and forward them to IT for processing. The objective was to automate the process and to monitor the sites continuously.

Digital pressure probes OTT PLS with the bussystem (RS-485/OTT-SDI) measure the contact pressure of the damming structure at 56 sites. Three OTT netDL 1000 record the data at separate segments of the dam and transfer the data via Ethernet network (TCP/IP) directly to the data center of the water board.

  • Automated generation of time series
  • Continuous monitoring with alarm management
  • OTT-SDI Bussystem saves mounting effort
  • Transmission of max. 10 channels/measured values of the OTT netDL 
  • Threshold values and alarms are set off automatically


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