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Remote location requires minimum concept

A leading power supply provider in Austria took on the project of monitoring water levels at a power plant in Montenegro, in two remote locations where no infrastructure is available for installation. On top of that, site visits could only occur every two months, so a device with remote data transmission capabilities was key.

Because of these factors, the customer needed an easy solution for their water level monitoring. Long recording time, easy maintenance and the low effort for maintenance were the main reasons for choosing the OTT Orpheus Mini to gather the data. 

Read a detailed project description here

Integrated pressure level transducer and datalogger

OTT Orpheus Mini Water Level Logger

Pressure level transducer with datalogger for longterm groundwater monitoring

The OTT Orpheus Mini is an integrated pressure sensor and datalogger for level measurement in surface and groundwater applications.

  • Surface water Groundwater
  • Vented pressure cell
  • Waterlevel/Pressure, Water temperature
  • Measures and stores water level and temperature data
  • 0 … 4, 10, 20, 40, and 100 m
  • ± 0.05% FS
  • Yes
  • The customer, KELAG-Konzern Kaerntner Elektrizitaets AG, one of the leading power supply providers in Austria faced the task to monitor data at two sites without any infrastructure at the place of installation.
  • Therefore the effort for installation and maintenance had to be reduced to a minimum as site visits were only possible in two months intervals.
  • The minimum-concept also applied to the use of materials as a reasonable and smooth transport could not be guaranteed and because the risk of vandalism is too high in this region for an eye-catching measuring site.
  • Finally the decision was made for the OTT data logger Orpheus mini. Long recording time, easy maintenance and the low effort for maintenance were the main reasons for this choice. Installation on site is also really easy and the measuring equipment is almost invisible.
  • The customer had the opportunity for preparing and testing the data loggers before the installation in Austria so that hardly any complication had to be expected.
  • This was a great advantage as there is no telephone connection possible at the measuring site and therefore no possibility of direct support.
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