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OTT Water Level Logger Used in Small Irrigation Channels in Valencia, Spain

The irrigation sector in the Valencia area was forced to start measuring the levels in their channels. For this a simple system was required and a very discrete installation needed due to high chances of vandalism and low budgets available from the customer. The OTT HydroMet solution complied with their needs.

Task of the sensors

The OTT HydroMet systems distributed in Valencia are measuring the water level every 15 minutes and transmit the data to the Basin servers every 3 days. The Basin then applies a rating curve and converts the levels in flow.

Components and project execution of the monitoring systems:

  • OTT ecoLog 500, stainless steel tubes and top caps provided by OTT HydroMet Spain
  • Installation and SIM card provided by the installer
  • FTP server and level-flow conversion provided by the Basin

Why did the customer choose the OTT HydroMet solution?

The customer was afraid of possible vandalism, so they discarded all solutions that included solar panels or visible components. Also they were convinced by the long battery life of the ecoLog 500 and low overall costs of the system compared to other suppliers. It provided all they needed and was easy to install. Typically the complete installation and setup of such systems takes half a day only.

Other similar systems, which were deployed by OTT HydroMet have worked maintenance-free for over 3 years now and will continue to work for more years - without any battery change.

Another benefit was the possibility, that .mis files can be integrated by the Basin, making it easier for them to process the data.


The Basin gets the measurements reliably and the customers fulfill the new regulations. In future, the new ecoLog 1000 also providing .csv can be an alternative.

Download case study as PDF

Groundwater level sensor and data logger

OTT ecoLog 500 Water Level Logger

Water level sensor with built-in datalogger for surface and groundwater applications

The OTT ecoLOG 500 is a self-contained water level instrument offering flexible remote data options and unequaled performance for the price.

  • Surface water Groundwater
  • Vented pressure cell
  • Waterlevel/Pressure, Water temperature
  • Measures, stores, and transmits water level and temperature data
  • ± 0.05% FS
  • Yes
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