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Flood protection program Zulawy, Gdansk – Poland

Zulawy is a region which is located in the delta of Vistula River in north Poland. The area of Zulawy is about 175 000 ha, almost 26% of which is situated below sea level. Because of that, Zulawy has an impressive infrastructure – kilometers of channels, hundreds of small dams, and pumping stations.

In 2010 Polish authorities decided to start the “Complex flood protection program – Zulawy 2030”. The first part of this project should be completed by the end of 2015, with a budget of about 45,000,000 EUR. The program has 5 main beneficiaries: RZGW Gdansk, ZMiUW Gdansk, ZZMiUW Elblag, City of Gdansk and City of Elblag.

Technology Used:

Read a detailed project description here



Non-contact bubbler in water level sensor for surface water monitoring

OTT CBS - Compact Bubbler Sensor

Non-contact, bubbler sensor for longterm surface water level monitoring

The OTT CBS is a compact, accurate, and low power bubbler sensor for surface or groundwater level monitoring.

  • Surface water Groundwater
  • Bubbler-in
  • Drift-free water level measurement - no pressure sensor or electronics in the water
  • 0 to 15 m or 0 to 30 m
  • ± 3 mm (high accuracy version); ± 5 mm (standard and 30 meter versions)
  • No
  • SDI-12, RS-485 (using SDI-12), or 4 ...20 mA
High accuracy precipitation gauge in harsh weather conditions

OTT Pluvio² - Weighing Rain Gauge

All-weather, high accuracy rain gauge for continuous data collection

The OTT Pluvio² is an all-weather precipitation gauge that uses superior weight-based technology to measure the amount and intensity of rain, snow, and hail.

  • Cumulative precipitation, precipitation intensity, bucket content in real time and non real time
  • Weighing principle
  • All-weather precipitation gauge without moving parts according to WMO guide line No. 8
  • SDI-12 / RS-485, pulse

The main tasks for whole program are:

  • Modernization of 400 km of river banks
  • Construction (or reconstruction) of about 60 pumping stations
  • Modernization of about 260 km rivers and streams
  • Reconstruction of about 600 km of melioration channels
  • Set up a measuring system and an operations center with access to hydrological and meteorological data from the whole Zulawy region

The pilot station is supposed to transfer hydrological and meteorological data to a data centre in hourly intervals. For internal reporting purposes the pumping status (on/off, operating time) should be provided das well. The collected data should be visualized on an internet based platform.

The solution consists of:

  • OTT LogoSens as heart of the station
  • 2 x CBS for water level measurement on both sides of a dam
  • OTT Pluvio2 for reliable precipitation data
  • Thies WS WD wind sensors
  • Vaisala HMP45d as transmitter for temperature and humidity
  • Relays inputs to log the status of 3 pumps
  • Solar power supply
  • GPRS data transmission
  • Availability of real-time measurements in the Hydras 3 software
  • Dedicated www application
  • Steel cabinet with OTT LogoSens2, OTT CBS, OTT Solar and modem
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