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OTT Hydras 3 net Hosted

Browser-based data visualization and network management

Hydras 3 net Hosted is designed for data management in hydrometrical and meteorological monitoring networks. Hydras 3 net Hosted is a browser-based add-on to Hydras 3 with additional functionalities.

With Hydras 3 net Hosted, OTT HydroMet is offering the service to host the Hydras 3 net Server for the customer.​ This includes the browser-based access to Hydras 3 net.

  • Groundwater monitoring, surface water quantity, flood, water quality, meteorological observations
  • Standard web browser
  • Data hosting, Data visualization, Map display, Thresholds & alarming, Webcam images, Remote network management
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Featured Packages

  • There are three levels of Hydras 3 net Hosted: Essential, Advanced, and Premium.
  • Essential: data hosting and basic data viewer
  • Advanced: dashboards, data management, advanced data viewer and limits with alarming
  • Premium: network management

Data access, visualization, and alarming​

  • The most important information at a glance​

Save time with your own customized dashboards that gives you a quick overview of the situation. You can add charts, images and maps to your dashboard area for a centralized view.

  • See what's really happening on site​

Webcam images allow you to view critical locations in near real-time to visually assess conditions on site, better plan appropriate responses and make important decisions.

  • Save crucial time in the event of critical events​

Have automated alarms sent by text message or email in the event of critical incidents to save valuable time. Define your own limit values in advance, which trigger alarms if they are exceeded, so that you are informed in good time in the event of heavy rain or dangerous water levels.

  • Access data anytime and almost anywhere​

With data access via Hydras3 net Hosted, you can react quickly to flood events. Access to parameters such as: Surface and groundwater levels, flow/ discharge, rainfall volume and rainfall intensity.

Management of data and time series 

  • Efficient monitoring network management​

Hydras 3 net makes monitoring network management much more efficient. What used to be a laborious task can now be done in a matter of minutes. Firmware updates or parameter configurations, such as changes to the measurement interval, can be carried out easily from the office. You can perform tasks such as these without needing to access each data logger individually. Simply select the loggers in question and complete the task in one go.

  • Keep an eye on the monitoring network​

With Hydras 3 net you always know what is going on around your monitoring network and can avoid having to make frequent trips to the stations.​

The “Status” tab shows you at a glance whether everything is running smoothly, which stations are experiencing problems, or where there are alarm messages

OTT Hydras 3 net Hosted hosting services gtcs
OTT Hydras 3 net Hosted hosting services gtcs