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Aquarius Software

Data Management Software for Water Resources

Aquarius is a data management platform ideal for numerous hydrology applications, most notably flood, groundwater, water availability, and water quality. The platform allows water resource professionals to harness the power of data integration at the push of a button and transform data to knowledge.

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  • Flood, Groundwater, Water Availability, Water Quality
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Access Your Data in Real-Time
Acquire, process, model and publish your water information in real-time. Get reliable, secure online access to water information anytime, anywhere. Extend the value of sensors by connecting in real-time, automatically importing and integrating your data, to continuously gain new insights in the office and field.
Proactively Forecast Potential Problems
Quickly pull historical statistics such as meteorological data to compare, visualize and proactively forecast potential problems. Share timely data, as well as alerts and notifications, regarding rainfall and stage, based on custom levels.
Data Integrity & Defensibility
Eliminate spreadsheets and hours of manual effort. With the push of a button, create and retrieve customized intensities to evaluate isolated events and protect against liability.
Visualization for Faster Decision-Making
Powerful charts, visualization, and modelling with out-of-the-box industry-statistics to forecast and convey technical and non-technical information to internal and external stakeholders.
Powerful Alerting Capabilities
Customize user-based compliance parameters to easily visualize status and deliver warning insights in the software or rich email or SMS notifications .
Unify Data for a Single Source of Truth
Integrate disparate data sources, including sample, time-series, and third party data, into a single data management solution for a unified view and actionable insights of all contextual information.
Scale to Meet Your Needs
Integrate all your environmental data and monitoring network locations. Control all your approvals, workflows and access. Keep your data secure and provide only authorized users with access to your data.
Build Complex Models Easily
Simple and interactive graphical environment to build sophisticated models of complex water resource systems by assembling models using a rich set of building blocks and analytical functions for advanced environmental modelling, delivering higher accuracy, speed, and a decisive edge.
Correct Errors & Ratings Curves
Quickly visualize, scan, and QA/QC your data with best-in-class rating curves, automated error detections and correction tools, and compare the raw and corrected data on a single chart to defend or retrace data with an automatic audit log.
Share Info With Stakeholders
Make information available to internal or external stakeholders online and accessible anywhere with robust permission control for who sees what and the specific compliance parameters for at-a-glance, real-time insights.

  • Flood
  • Groundwater
  • Water Availability
  • Water Quality
AQUARIUS Video - Overview
AQUARIUS Video - Proactive Flood Management in Canada