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Turbidity Sensor

Self-cleaning turbidity water quality sensor from Hydrolab

Hydrolab sondes use a self-cleaning turbidity sensor that measures from 0 to 3000 NTU and includes a user-programmable cleaning system to remove fouling or debris that could potentially affect readings.
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  • User-programmable, self-cleaning system can perform up to 10 cleaning cycles before each reading, and the sensor's fixed parking position ensures consistent data collection after each cycle
  • Superior corrosion resistance in saline environments with a plastic sensor housing and titanium wiper shaft, rated to depths of 200m
  • 0-3000 NTU range allows turbidity tracking with exceptional linearity, even during rain storms or other events that cause abnormally high readings
  • Utilizes a small aperture technique to reduce false readings from particulates and other debris
  • Designed to be compliant with the ISO 7027 Turbidity Measurement Standard
Self-Cleaning Turbidity Sensor Driver
Video - Turbidity Sensor Calibration - EN
Whitepaper: Turbidity measurements
Turbidity Whitepaper
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Turbidity Sensor
Range 0 ... 3000 NTU
Accuracy ± 1% up to 100 NTU, ± 3% from 100 …... 400 NTU, ± 5% from 400 ...… 3000 NTU
Resolution 0.1 NTU from 0 …... 400 NTU; 1 NTU for >400 NTU
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