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Blue Green Algae Sensor

blue-green algae sensor submersible fluorometer Hydrolab based on the Turner Designs Cyclops-7

The blue-green algae sensor from Hydrolab is based on the Turner Designs Cyclops-7 submersible fluorometer.  Two versions are available, one for phycocyanin and one for phycoerythrin.
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  • Available in two forms, one for detecting phycocyanin (fresh water), and one for detecting phycoerythrin (marine water)
  • Available with solid Secondary Standards to provide a quick and simple method to verify the sensor's stability over time, and can be adjusted to correlate to a known Blue-Green Algae concentration
  • Three auto-selected gain ranges provide a wide measurement range of 100 to 2,000,000 cells/mL for either phycocyanin or phycoerythrin
  • Excellent turbidity rejection due to small sample volume design and high quality optical filters
Video - Blue Green Algae Sensor (No Secondary Standard) - EN
Video - Blue Green Algae Sensor Calibration (With Secondary Standard)- EN
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Blue green Algae Sensor
Range Low sensitivity: 150 ...… 2,000,000 cells/mL
Med. sensitivity: 150 ...… 200,000 cells/mL
High sensitivity: 150 ...… 20,000 cells/mL
Accuracy ± 3% for signal level equivalents of 1 ppb rhodamine WT dye or higher using a rhodamine sensor
Resolution 1 cell/mL
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