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Legacy product - OTT ADC

Handheld, acoustic water flow, velocity meter for in-stream point velocity measurements

The OTT Acoustic Digital Current meter (ADC) delivers consistently accurate results with the most advanced acoustic technology available for point velocity measurement. Designed specifically for in-stream velocity measurement, the ADC features a sensor with two 6 MHz acoustic transducers, temperature and depth sensors, and a cable and handheld unit for signal processing.
  • Spot
  • Acoustic
  • Flow velocity, depth
  • Latest state of the art ultrasonic Doppler technology for high accurate velocity measurements. Maintenance free sensor with integrated depth measurement, graphical step by step user guidance and discharge calculation according to ISO 748 and USGS standard
  • -0.2 … 2.4 m/s
  • ± 1% of measured value ± 0.25 cm/s
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  • Innovative Technology– Accurate velocity measurements using the latest acoustic technology and automatic discharge calculation based on international standards (USGS and ISO 748)
  • High Performance– 6 MHz acoustic transducers and large sample volume reduce potential signal-to-noise issues
  • Time Saver– Built-in depth sensor and measurement guidance minimizes time in the field and reduces sources of measurement error
  • Simple Setup– Logical menu structure and large buttons help facilitate quick and easy setup
  • Easy-to-Use– Review instantaneous velocity and measurement quality data during the measurement with the rod-mounted graphical display
  • Versatile– Supports USGS, ISO, ICE, KREPS, and multi-point velocity methods and Mid and Mean section discharge methods
  • Flexible– Attaches to common wading rods like the USGS Top Setting wading rod

High accuracy velocity measurement in open channels, including streams, rivers, and canals

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Brief instructions - Acoustic, digital current meter OTT ADC
Leaflet - Acoustic Digital Current Meter OTT ADC
Operating instructions - Acoustic, digital current meter OTT ADC
OTT ADC - CE Konformitätserklärung | Declaration of Conformity | Declaration de Conformité
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Water Velocity Measurement
Range -0.2 m/s ... + 2.5 m/s
Accuracy ±1% of measured value ±0.25 cm/s
Sampling volume
Distance from probe 10 cm
Diameter 1 cm per beam
Length 5 cm
Ultrasonic Transducer
Acoustic frequency 6 MHz
Absolute Pressure Cell Piezoresistive
Range 0 ... 5 m
Resolution 0.01 % FS
Accuracy 0.1 % FS
Max. Overload 1.5 of full range
Temperature Thermistor embedded in probe
Range -5 ... +35°C
Resolution 0.1°C
Accuracy ±0.5°C
Electrical data
Data Recording
Capacity 4 MB
Power supply 9.6 VDC - rechargeable batteries
Operating time typical 14 hours
Environmental conditions
Operating temperature range -20 ... +60°C
Storage temperature range -40 ... +85 °C
Shock and vibration Compliant with EN 60068-2-32
Cylinder Ø 40 mm x 14.5 cm
In air 800 g
In water 620 g
Probe Delrin®housing stainless steel
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