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Les pages qui suivent offrent une vue d’ensemble des projets que nous avons réalisés pour nos clients. Divers exemples issus de différents pays vous donneront une idée de la façon dont les exigences des clients et les sites de mesure ont été transformés en des solutions professionnelles. Pour y parvenir, nous avons travaillé en étroite collaboration avec nos clients. Nous apportons notre savoir-faire reposant sur un personnel qualifié (ingénieurs expérimentés, experts des domaines d’application spécialisés etc…) et sur une gestion professionnelle des projets – pour une mise en œuvre réussie. Nous nous ferons un plaisir de publier votre projet, n’hésitez pas à communiquer avec nous.

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Flood Water Protection in the City of Buenos Aires

A monitoring system with alarm function for a retention basin shall protect residents against flood damage in the future

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Reservoir Aabach Germany - Continuous monitoring of contact pressure

Reservoir Aabach

56 OTT PLS pressure probes have been installed in the damming structure of the reservoir to measure the contact pressure in the dam continuously. These data are directly forwarded to the data center of the responsible water board.

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Discharge Measurement Deep Within a Cave

Speleology-Hessenhau-cave-discharge-MF pro

Using the OTT MF pro flow meter for speleology, or the measurement of water discharge within caves. The Hessenhau Cave is the deepest known cave (144 m / 472 ft) of the Swabian Alps in southern Germany.

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Weather data for nautical information system

Wireless connection of an OTT netDL via WLAN

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Monitoring underground water resources in Brasil

Datalogging- Water Quality - Level- Coca Cola

Monitoring of level, temperature, pH and conductivity at mineral springs owned by Coca Cola - Mogi das Cruzes / Brazil.

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TGV: Contournement ferrovière de Nîmes et Montpellier

Datalogging- Water Quality - TGV

Stations équipées de sondes multiparamètres MS5, avec une DUOSENS pour la télétransmission GPRS.

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Water Level monitoring system in the Belchatow open pit mine, Poland

Water Level - Remote data transmission - radio UHF - GPRS - ADCON

Complete monitoring solution water level measurements with OTT Thalimedes and Adcon A753 RTU (UHF and GPRS).

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49 stations along the Mekong River - Cambodia - Vietnam - Laos - Thailand

Hydro-meteorological data collection and transmission system

Sharing of hydrological information among the Mekong member countries for a sustainable development on managing water resources.

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Discharge measurement at the river "Große Roeder" in Saxony - Germany

discharge measurement side looking doppler transient time ultrasonic OTT

Online-measurement with ultrasonic travel time differential system and side-looking Doppler.

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All-weather climatological stations in the Carpathian Mountains - Hungary

All-weather climatological stations have to provide reliable and accurate data.

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Precipitation measurement in high mountains - Aosta Valley

OTT Pluvio² in 3000 m altitude: Precipitation measurement in extreme conditions near the Matterhorn - Valle d’Aosta / Italy.

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Flood protection program Zulawy, Gdansk – Poland

Flood protection Groundwater precipitation

Pilot station for “Complex flood protection program Zulawy 2030”, Gdansk – Poland.

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Dam Monitoring in South Africa

Precipitation measurement station OTT Pluvio²

The Komati River Basin Development Project comprised the design, the construction, operation and maintenance of two big dams in South Africa and Swaziland

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Precipitation monitoring in the Sierra Nevada - Spain

Precipitation measurement station OTT Pluvio²

High mountain application with OTT Pluvio² as part of a research project.

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Continuous Discharge Monitoring in Mecklenburg - Germany

Ideal Site for Acoustic Discharge Measurement at the Wallensteingraben near Schwerin-Germany with OTT SLD and OTT LogoSens

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Flood Warning Station at Kriebstein, Saxony - Germany

Flood-warning station and hydrometric base station with a catchment basin of 1754 km2 with 2 OTT SLD and LogoSens2

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High-level water quality monitoring in South Africa

Long-term monitoring of selected streams and boreholes for environmental management and an especially challenging installation

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Weather stations for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi

Sochi - Olympic Games Weather Station with OTT Pluvio²

Specialized automatic meteorological stations (AMS) equipped with OTT Pluvio² as a part of real-time weather system for the 2014 Sochi Olympic Winter Games.

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Ireland Groundwater Monitoring Program

The EU Water Framework Directive (WFD) tasked EU member states to achieve good qualitative and quantitative status of all water bodies by 2015. The directive covers surface, coastal, and groundwater.

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Buoy-based temperature profiling in the Bavarian Ammersee

Research project on the long-term effects of climate change on Bavarian lakes

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Water Quality in the Mississippi Basin

Long term deployment in the harsh aquatic environment of the Mississippi River.

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E.ON Power Plant Nuremberg

Stationary discharge measurement at the location Franken I - E.ON power plant GmbH, Nuremberg

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Water Quality Monitoring and Weather Data at Pampulha Lake-Brasil

This lake was a recreation area until the 1980s. Since, it suffers from sewage problems and is in a serious state of eutrophication.

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