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OTT Hydromet GmbH
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Managing Directors: Nadia Iannuzzi, Patrick Gierman, Jeffrey Stock, Nina von Sivers 
Commercial register: Registergericht Kempten HRB 7687

VAT identification number: DE 258 217 067, AT U67 233 889

Contact person and person responsible for the journalistic and editorial content of this internet site of the provider (under the terms Telemediengesetz (TMG) - German Media Service Treaty):

Nadia Iannuzzi, Patrick Gierman, Jeffrey Stock, Nina von Sivers
Ludwigstr. 16
87437 Kempten

Data Privacy Statement

Data Privacy in General

Excellent service can only be realized on the basis of many data. Even more important for us is the trust of our customers. To protect the data of our customers and to use it exclusively the way our customers expect us to do, is our top priority. For us, it is a matter of course to observe the laws concerning data privacy. We want you to know at anytime, when we store your data, which of your data we are storing and how we are using it.

Transparency of Data Collection, -Transmission and Utilisation

1. Data Collection

Your visit to our website is being recorded – basically the IP address your PC is using in this moment, date and time, the browser type, the operating system of your PC and the web page you have visited. It is neither possible nor intended to generate personal references.

This data is collected only for the purpose of data security and to optimise our web services for our customers. The data is utilised only for statistical purposes and anonymised, further data interpretation is not effected. Personalised profiles how you surf the web or similar profiles are not generated or processed.

Personal data is stored only, if you indicate it yourself, e.g.for a registration, for a poll, for a competition, for an online job application or to close a contract. The relevant entry and contact forms will inform you about the purpose of the data collected therein. Such data is transmitted in encrypted form via the internet.

We offer you the possibility to use the internet and certain services using an alias instead of your name, e.g. a nickname or IP address.

2. Data Utilisation and Transmission

Personal data which you communicate to us via a web page or by email (e.g. your name, address or email address) are only used for correspondence with you and exclusively for the purpose for which you have provided it.

Besides, we will use this data sometimes to send you quotations, to inform you about new products or services or anything else you might be interested in. Of course you may prohibit this utilisation of your data at any time.

Information collected on our website is passed on to the responsible department within our group of companies. We guarantee that your personal data will not be passed on to third parties, unless we are legally obligated or with your explicit consent to do so.

As far as we cooperate with service providers in terms of procedures and handling of data processing, the contracts comply with the rules of the national data privacy legislation.

Postings in our discussion forums are open for everybody. Therefore, please check carefully if your comments contain any information which is off the record before you post them. You must reckon that your postings are detected by search engines and are globally readable, even if our website is not directly addressed. Cancellation or correction of such entries is often not possible if foreign providers are involved.

We work with third party service providers, companies or persons, in the fields of e.g. parcel service, letter or email mailings, updating of our customer lists, analysis of our data bases, marketing actions, payment processes (credit card, direct debiting, purchase on account) and customer service. These service providers have access to the relevant personal information which they need to perform their task. They are not allowed to use this information for any other purpose. They are obligated to treat any data in accordance with this data privacy statement and the German data privacy law.

Your data relevant for orders and payments is used for an internal evaluation as to payment history with regard to future orders.

3. Acceptance and Revocation

If you have made personal data accessible to our company, you may delete it at any time. Data which is relevant for clearing and accounting purposes is not subjected to termination/revocation or deletion.

Besides, the utilisation of your email address, your phone and/or mobile phone number and your fax number for marketing purposes or opinon-or market research, requires an extra consent. If you like, you may give this consent electronically when you submit your data and you may revoke it at any time for the future.

4. Maximum Storage Time

Personal data which is made available to us via our website will be stored only as long until the purpose for which the data was submitted is fulfilled. As far as there are retention periods in terms of commercial and fiscal law, the storage time for certain data can be up to 10 years.

Besides, when we receive an online order, we store and use the IP-address of the buyer at the time he makes the order for one year in order to assure data security (that means to prevent misuse and for prosecution).

5. Sensitive Data

We will not use or disclose personal medical data neither internally nor externally except for application procedures, a customer request, a customer account or – if this was sufficient- if the customer has been informed about the use of these data or has given his agreement.

General Legal Information

1. Rights of Persons Concerned

Should you no longer agree with the storage of your personal data or if the data is no longer correct, we will cause the deletion or disabling of your personal data on your notice or make the necessary corrections (as far as this is possible according to applicable law). By requestwe inform you gratuitously about all your personally relevant data we have stored.

2. Links to Other Websites

Occasionally, we set links to websites of third parties. Though we handle this with ultimate care, we cannot assume any warranty and liability for the correctness or completeness of the contents and for the data security of third party sites. This data privacy statement is not valid for linked websites of third parties.

3. Applicable Law for Internationally Operating Companies

We conduct our business in a way to fulfill our obligations in any country where we are operating.

4. Other Statutory Privacy Rules

As far as we are in certain cases obliged to observe higher standards due to bank secrecy /… we will of course observe these standards.

5. Protection for Certain Groups of Persons

Persons under the age of eighteen should not pass any personal data to us without the consent of their parents or guardian.

Underage persons may not submit personal data unless specifically authorised by their guardians or if they are 12 years old or older. These data will be processed according to this data privacy statement. Warn your child against the dangers which may result from communication with foreigners and from disclosure of personal information for online activities before you give your consent.

6. Actualisation of This Data Privacy Statement

The data privacy statement has to be actualised when new products or services are phased in, when internet procedures are changed or when advanced safety technology for internet and computing is available. We reserve the right to change or amend this statement. Amendments will be published at this point. Visit this site regularly to inform yourself about the status quo of the data privacy statement.

7. Liability

The information contained on this website has been certified very carefully. Anyway, we do not assume any liability that information on our website is correct, complete and up-to-date at any time.

Information Regarding Data Security

1. Transmission Methods

In general the internet is considered as unsafe medium. Compared to e.g. telephone lines, data transmission via the internet is easier to scan, to record or even to manipulate by unauthorised third parties. In order to provide for the confidentiality of the communication between our cutomers and us, we use a so called SSL (secure socket layer) codification. As to the actual level of knowledge, the codification of 128 bits which is possible with SSL is considered as safe. All current browsers meet this security level. If necessary you should actualise the browser on your PC.

2. Supervision and Monitoring Methods

A firewall-system prevents external access. Several levels of codification and identification prohibit unauthorised information retrieval or the absorption of customer data during data transmission. Apart from the internal codification procedures of the internet browsers we use even more complex codification procedures to eliminate decoding by unauthorised persons.

Each access to an internet page from our internet platform is stored in a protocol: the IP address of the requesting PC and of your internet service provider, date, time and length of the access and the name of the requested data file and the data volume.

3. Technologies Used for the Operation of Websites

Cookies are small text files which are filed on the PC of the internet user. They support the control of the internet connection during your visit on our website. At the same time the cookies give us information, which enables us to optimise our web pages to meet the needs of the visitors.

Some cookies, we use only for the duration of your visit on our site. Anyway, our provider for advert management uses some cookies with a longer storage time. They serve only for the analysis of the use of our website. All cookies on our sites contain only technical information, no personal data. It is also possible to use our web platform without cookies.

Most browsers do accept cookies automatically, but you may deactivate the storage of cookies or adjust your browser the way, that it informs you when cookies are sent.

4. Internal Security Measures

We guarantee the confidentiality and safety of your personal data by the following measures:

 - Our employees are subject to an obligation of secrecy

 - Our security measures adequately correspond to the latest technology

 - Our systems are checked regularly for security to enable us to protect the data we keep effectively against damage, loss or unauthorised access

 - The data protection commissioner supervises the observation of this data privacy statement.

5. Notes how to Improve Your Personal Data Security

Configure your browser the way, that it informs you as soon as cookies are sent in order to accept or refuse them in general or on an individual basis. For more information regarding the configuration of your browser click here.

A safe internet connection can be recognized in the address bar. If the address starts with https this indicates a safe connection (e.g.. ….de). Another indicator is a closed lock displayed in the icon bar at the bottom of your browser.

We will never ask you to indicate your personal data like account-/customer number, your PIN or password via email, telephone or SMS, or ask you to send or indicate this data or ask for direct input of access data.

Do only install programs you have received from a reliable source. Special caution is advised if you download data from the internet.

Do not install or start programs which you have received by email from unknown persons or unsolicitedly from friends. Note: screen savers are programs too.

If there is any doubt about the reliability of a program, do not install the program on your PC.

Install a virus scanner on your PC and check your files for viruses regularly. Make sure to keep your antivirus protection always up to date by using the updates which all manufacturers of virus scanners provide.


Data Protection Commissioner

If you are of the opinion that the described measures to protect your data are not satisfactory or if you have any questions regarding the retrieval, processing and/or utilisation of your personal data, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will do our best to answer your questions quickly and to realize your suggestions for improvement. Please send an email to our data protection commissioner:

Kathrin Averwald (DE), LL.M.
PwC | Rechtsanwältin | Manager – Team IP/IT and Data Protection
Phone: +495413304 169 | Fax: +496995859854169
Mobil: +4916094400245
PricewaterhouseCoopers Legal AG Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft
Niedersachsenstraße 14 | 49074 | Osnabrück | Germany

Publicly Available Procedural Directory

You have the right to inspect our publicly available procedural directory of the Federal Data Protection Act. Please contact our data protection commissioner.