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About Hach Environmental

The Hach Environmental group of companies provide the same excellent service and reach of Hach Company with advanced water measurement technologies used in oceanography, hydrology, meteorology, and wastewater flow monitoring.

OTT Hydromet

OTT Hydromet helps water resource professionals generate reliable data throughout the entire environmental water cycle.

Our solutions focus around:

  • Water Quality: Hydrolab multiparameter sondes for attended and unattended measurement of popular water quality parameters
  • Water level: OTT water level sensors with diverse measurement technologies designed for a variety of surface and groundwater applications
  • Water flow and discharge: portable and stationary current meters for discharge measurement in rivers and streams, using acoustic, electromagnetic, and mechanical technology
  • Precipitation: ultra-high accuracy rain gauges  and weather sensors with low power consumption for remote usage

Sea-Bird Scientific

Sea-Bird Scientific combines unprecedented capabilities in providing best-of-class tools for monitoring of physical and biogeochemical variability in blue ocean waters. Sea-bird Scientific is comprised of Sea-Bird Electronics (Bellevue, WA), WET Labs (Philomath, OR) and Satlantic (Halifax, NS). Today Sea-Bird Scientific employs over 200 people in the US, Canada, and Europe in development, manufacturing, calibration, sales, and support of our products.

With a specific product product portfolio Sea-Bird Scientific focuses on water quality monitoring instrumentation in coastal and fresh water applications, combining technology from Sea-Bird Electronics, WET Labs and Satlantic..

Solutions focus around:

  • Water Quality: The HydroCAT and WQM mulitparameter instruments are designed for unattended measurement of popular water quality parameters and can be deployed up to 3X longer than competitive instruments, providing higher quality data at a lower operational cost.
  • Nutrient Monitoring: Nutrient pollution is on the rise – in the United States and other countries local agencies are being asked to track and adhere to numeric nutrient limits. We currently offer high accuracy, in situ sensors for nitrate and phosphate that are currently being used in a number of applications.
  • Optic Sensors and Fluorometers: The ECO line of sensors include options for single, dual and three channel instruments that can be used for continuous, in situ measurement. Measured parameters include chlorophyll-a, CDOM, phycocyanin, phycoerythrin, turbidity, PAR, and Uranine.