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Bench Service Partnerships

Service contracts can reduce your instrument's lifetime repair costs by over 25%, decreasing your overall cost of ownership and increasing your return on investment. Plus, there are no hidden fees or additional repair expenses. This allows you to know the cost of owning your product for the life of the agreement, and eliminates budget surprises for unexpected repairs and expensive maintenance. All contract activities can be handled with one purchase order reducing your administrative burdens.   Additionally, you will receive the following benefits with our Bench Service Partnership:
Instrument Calibration and Certification
Measure, monitor, and/or control your process points more efficiently and effectively with our calibration and certification services. All OTT Hydromet instruments are calibrated using NIST traceable equipment to guarantee correct calibrations. Our Certificate of Calibration tells auditors that your data is accurate and reliable.
Factory-Recommended Maintenance
Properly maintained equipment at required servicing intervals reduces or eliminates failures and increases product longevity.
Free Software Upgrades
Our free instrument software upgrades keep your instrumentation up-to-date with the latest technology reducing your cost of ownership and increasing your return on investment.
In-Factory Priority Repairs (Includes Parts and Labor)
When you send your equipment to the factory for repair, we will move you to the head of the line to get you up and running quickly. No need to worry about an expensive repair bill. Not only will you receive free labor from our highly trained service technicians, the required repair parts will also be free.
Repair and Maintenance Parts with Free Ground Shipping Back to Customer
Not only will you have no costs associated with repair and maintenance parts, you will also receive free return ground shipping to minimize downtime.
Free Loaners (Limited Availability) During Repairs
To increase your uptime, a free loaner will be available whenever your equipment is in for repair eliminating the need to rent equipment. Having loaners available to you will also eliminate the need for your employees to perform manual processes, such as grab samples, allowing them to be more productive in other critical areas.
Multi-Year Option

Our multi-year contract option gives you the opportunity to take advantage of locking in prices and decreasing administrative costs associated with contract management.

*For warranty buy back, contract must be purchased within 60 days of shipping date. To receive warranty buy back on multiple year warranty instruments, contract must be purchased up front for both years.