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OTT Z400

Counterset for current meter flow measurements

The digital counter OTT Z400 is a time-saving device for flow measurements with hydrometric current meters. It automatically records the number of propeller revolutions by counting the impulses. Besides, it can output the velocity of flow immediately after the measurement (optional). The OTT Z400 may be used for current meter measurements on rod as well as for floating current meters and features optimal adjusted measurement modes for both.
  • Spot
  • Numbers of pulses
  • Compact handy counter for mechanical current meters with optional display of velocity of flow and integrated user software for the management of calibration tables
  • 50 Hz (680 Ohm), 100 Hz
  • ± 0,01 s / ± 0,5 Impulse
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  • Different modes, adapted to the application: Pulse, Time and integration measurement
  • Integration measurement especially for measurements with suspended current meters with e.g cable way: Z400 determines the number of pulses and the time from immersion of the current meter to the closing of the ground contact.
  • Exact calculation of the flow rate (optional): Z400 uses the individual equation of the current meter
  • The USB interface simply entering the basic settings on the PC, alternatively directly at counter set
    Operating instructions Signal Counter Set OTT Z400
    OTT Z400 - CE Konformitätserklärung | Declaration of Conformity | Declaration de Conformité
    Z400 - Application Software - EN
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    Messmethode Start der Messzeit beim ersten Schließen des Flügelkontaktes
    Messzeiten 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 80, 100, 120 s und unendlich
    Messmodi Puls-, Zeit-, Integral- und Integralmessung mit Restgliedbestimmung
    Anzeigegenauigkeit: 0,1 s
    Zeitmessung 0,1 Impulse
    Genauigkeit: +/- 0,01 s
    Zeitmessung +/- 0,5 Impulse
    „Timeoutzeit“ bei Messzeit unendlich nein
    Grenzfrequenz für Flügelimpulse 50 Hz (680 Ohm) / 100 Hz
    Messung mit 680 Ohm (Serie) möglich ja
    Anzeigen der Strömungsgeschwindigkeit optional
    Automatisches Abschalten ja (1... 59 Minuten einstellbar)
    Anzeige für die Impulse LCD, 4-stellig, Ziffern 10 mm hoch
    Zählweise addierend
    Zählbereich 9999, kein Überlauf
    Elektrische Daten
    Versorgungsspannung 4 V... 9 V
    Verpolungsschutz ja
    "Low Battery" Anzeige ja (<5,35 V)
    Stromaufnahme "PowerDown": 22 µA
    Stromaufnahme "Standby" (Stop): 4,5 mA
    Stromaufnahme Messung (Start): 4,5 mA
    Stromversorgung 9 V Block ( IEC 6LR61)
    ausreichend für ca.:
    120 Stunden o. Buzzer
    80 Stunden m. Buzzer
    Spannungskontrolle Batteriesymbol im Display
    bei Erscheinen des Symbols - Restkapazität f. ca. 8 Stunden Betrieb bei Raumtemperatur
    Kabelanschluss 2 Bananensteckbuchsen
    Ø 4 mm, rot "+" / schwarz "F"
    Gehäusematerial Aluminium
    zul. Umgebungstemperatur -20 °C ... + 60 °C
    Abmessungen LxBxH
    mit Gummiabdeckungen 128 mm x 125 mm x 65 mm
    ohne Gummiabdeckungen 121 mm x 125 mm x 49 mm
    Gewicht 670 g
    Schutzklasse IP65
    Interface: USB 1.1
    Datenspeicher 4 MB Speicher
    PC - Bediensoftware direkt vom Gerät über USB ausführbar
    Eingabe von 30 Flügelgleichung (optional)
    Einstellung sämtlicher Geräteparameter möglich
    Download PDF

    I want to enter the equations for 'velocity measuring' and I need to 'Enter Key Code'. What do I need to enter?

    If you connect the Z400 to your PC via USB, it will act like a memory stick, so you will see several files. Open the file Z400.exe will enable you to access all settings easily. If you ordered a Z400 with velocity option you can enter also the equations for up to 30 mechanical current meters. But if you ordered the simple Z400 version, the program will ask you for the 'Key Code' to enable this feature. Since this feature is not for free, please contact your OTT sales representative to order the ‘Key Code’.

    I ordered the Z400 version with key code and I could enter the equations but the Z400 doesn’t show me the velocity and I cannot select the equation number (‘#’ is not shown). What should I do to see the velocity in the display of the Z400?

    Probably the configuration file got corrupt. Please open the file ‘configuration.ini’ with an editor (make a backup of the file before!) and delete everything except the following lines (instead of ‘…’ there should be an individual numerical code). If you don’t succeed, please send in the Z400 for repair.