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Weather data for nautical information system

In Lemwerder, Germany at the Weser River, wind direction and speed are measured and transferred in 60 second intervals via the OTT netDL 1000.  The data is transmitted, wireless, over a distance of 600 meters to the radar tower in Ritzenbuettel, where it is integrated into the ship traffic network - the Authority for Water and Navigation (WSA), Bremen. The WSA is also responsible for monitoring the traffic network for safety conditions. 

Each hour, a status report including the current water levels, weather reports, visibility range and important incidents in the area is sent out to assist navigating the waters.  Since 2013, the system has been providing valid data, without any gaps for over two years.  

Read a detailed project description here

Datalogger IP multicanale OTT netDL


Datalogger IP OTT netDL

I versatili datalogger OTT netDL 500 e 1000 sono stati sviluppati specificatamente per l'uso nel campo dell'idrologia e in stazioni meteorologiche. Oltre a registrare dati, i datalogger presentano un consumo di energia estremamente ridotto e offrono opzioni flessibili per il trasferimento dei dati tramite Internet e le reti mobili, per fornire una soluzione di registrazione e telemetria per ogni progetto.

  • Host USB Dispositivo USB RS-232 Satellite Cellulare Datalogger Comunicazione industriale
  • Elevata disponibilità dei dati grazie ad ampia memoria e diverse possibilità di comunicazione, comunicazione ridondante, comunicazione tramite server Web TCP/IP integrato, progettazione industriale a bassissimo consumo per ambienti difficili, comunicazione
  • SDI-12, RS-485 (SDI-12), Modbus RTU, ingresso analogico (voltaggio e corrente), ingresso a impulso, ingresso di stato
  • Meteorological data is monitored and processed for the nautical personnel and visualized according to their professional requirements.
  • In addition to voice communication- and radar systems and the AIS (Automatic Identification System) this information completes the technical equipment to fulfill the statutory tasks.
  • Every hour, a status report including the current water levels, weather reports, visibility range and special incidents in the area is sent out assist navigation.
  • For example a wind sensor enables the assessment of local wind conditions and this information helps the pilots to coordinate safe docking and undocking of the big car carriers.
  • WS 500 Weather Sensor with ultrasonic anemometer from Lufft: Measurement of wind direction and wind speed, air temperature,-humidity and barometric pressure
  • Installation: on top of the front light on a tiltable mast, connected connected via SDI12 to the OTT netDL 1000.
  • Later, a PT100 for water temperature measurement can easily be connected to the analogue input card of the data logger which is connected to a WLAN directional antenna via the Ethernet port of the OTT netDL 1000.
  • A second identical antenna forms the counterpart in a pre-configured transparent WLAN-Bridge (Ubiquity NanoBridge).
  • It is mounted at the radar tower in Ritzenbuettel and is connected to the traffic network of the WSA via a router.
  • Measurements are taken and radio transmitted in minute intervals. Via FTP the data are stored directly on an internal server and from here are forwarded to Bremen Traffic for visualization for nautical purposes.
  • In parallel, the data is made available for other users within the WSV (Level Data Centre, Hydrology, WISKI, VISILINK, etc.).


  • Open and standardized interfaces (SDI12, RS485), transmission protocols (HTTP(S), FTP, SMTP) and data formats (u.a. XML, ASCII) for easy integration into existing IT structures
  • Easy installation thanks to "turn-key" systems with pre-configured components in a fully pre-installed cabinet
  • A complete system from a single source: conception, system integration, installation and commissioning


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