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Control of Dredging Works in the Danube River - Austria

The Austrian waterway management has introduced an automatic system to monitor a series of barges, which calculates the dredged material as a basis for handling invoices of the dredging companies. Before converting to a remote data transmission option, all calculations were entered manually. 

The datalogger saves the cost for hand-writing documentation of the dredging works by external staff and guarantees an automatic and standardized procedure of cubature calculations. 


Technology used: 



Read a detailed project description here

Sonda di pressione OTT PLS con cella in ceramica per livello dell'acqua e temperatura


Resistente cella di pressione in ceramica

La sonda di pressione SDI-12 o 4 ... 20 mA OTT PLS consente di misurare il livello dell'acqua, la soggiacenza o la pressione per mezzo di un controller integrato e di una cella di misurazione della pressione in ceramica.

  • Acqua di superficie Acque sotterranee
  • Cella di pressione ventilata
  • Livello dell'acqua/pressione, temperatura dell'acqua
  • Misurazione continua del livello dell'acqua, da utilizzare con datalogger esterno
  • 0 … 4, 10, 20, 40, and 100 m
  • ± 0,05% FS
  • SDI-12, RS-485 (using SDI-12), or 4 … 20 mA
Datalogger IP multicanale OTT netDL


Datalogger IP OTT netDL

I versatili datalogger OTT netDL 500 e 1000 sono stati sviluppati specificatamente per l'uso nel campo dell'idrologia e in stazioni meteorologiche. Oltre a registrare dati, i datalogger presentano un consumo di energia estremamente ridotto e offrono opzioni flessibili per il trasferimento dei dati tramite Internet e le reti mobili, per fornire una soluzione di registrazione e telemetria per ogni progetto.

  • Host USB Dispositivo USB RS-232 Satellite Cellulare Datalogger Comunicazione industriale
  • Elevata disponibilità dei dati grazie ad ampia memoria e diverse possibilità di comunicazione, comunicazione ridondante, comunicazione tramite server Web TCP/IP integrato, progettazione industriale a bassissimo consumo per ambienti difficili, comunicazione
  • SDI-12, RS-485 (SDI-12), Modbus RTU, ingresso analogico (voltaggio e corrente), ingresso a impulso, ingresso di stato
  • Until 2010, the level marks of the dredging barges provided the basis for the calculation of the cubatures of dredged material and were usually read out by the dredging companies. The via donau made only random checks for plausibility.
  • As the via donau had doubts about the accuracy of the data, they decided to use their own personnel for uninterrupted control of the dredging barges.
  • For the dredging works in the river Danube the volume of dredged gravel is evaluated by converting the read-out level marks of the barges into water displacement volumes on the basis of a calibration table. (Before the use of the datalogger, all measurements were inputted by hand). 
  • To reduce the cost for external documentation and to guarantee an automatic and standardized procedure for cubature calculations, an automatic system has been introduced, monitoring the draught of the barges and also evaluating the cubatures.
  • This data now provides a reliable basis for correct billing of dredging works.
  • The barges were equipped with OTT PLS pressure probes which are installed at the point of the level marks inside the barges.
  • In a shipyard a lockable pipe was welded into the wall of the barge for this purpose.
  • The evaluation and the calculation of the dredged material is made directly in the OTT netDL500 and can be controlled by the crew members, directly from the display.
  • The data is monitored in 15 minute intervals and transmitted hourly via GPRS modem to the purchaser via donau.
  • The system is modular, the control cabinet is connected to the barge by a standard plug and can be removed at any time.
  • Further it is possible to upgrade the system with a GPS sensor. Actually the vessel’s position is recorded externally by „DoRis Tracks“.
  • The dredging works are now continuously monitored. Loads can be reliably determined at any time.
  • Thanks to the efficiency of the netDL500 and the PLS an external power supply is not required.


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