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System Solutions

Our compact, low power system solutions include almost everything you need for your measurement tasks: power supply components as well as components for monitoring, storing and transmitting hydro-meteorological data. You can rely on system components that are perfectly matched with one another and benefit from easy-to-use  and durable, precise instruments.

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        OTT MetSystems

        System cabinets with integrated components for automatic weather stations

        The top quality control cabinets of the OTT MetSystems are equipped with all components for remotely transferring meteorological data – properly installed and wired. The already preconfigured sensors may easily be connected.

        • Compact solution for automatic weather stations
        • Synoptic and climatological weather stations
        • Mains power
        • Cellular, Ethernet

        OTT HydroSystems

        Complete hydrological gauging stations with telemetry

        OTT HydroSystems allow hydrological measuring stations to be set up using only a few manual operations. The completely fitted system cabinets include components for power supply and everything that is needed for storing and transmitting measured data.

        • Turn-key solutions for stand-alone measuring stations
        • Gauging station, Pole mount
        • Battery, Solar
        • Cellular, Satellite (GOES/Meteosat)

        OTT Water Quality Buoy

        Buoy used to measure water quality parameters

        OTT Water Quality monitoring buoy with remote data transmission for rivers, lakes and near coastal applications. Designed to operate with HYDROLAB HL7 or HL4 multiparameter sondes.

        • Stand-alone water quality measurement buoy solution
        • Temperature, Conductivity, Depth, pH, Dissolved Oxygen (LDO), Turbidity, ORP, Blue-Green Algae, Chlorophyll a
        • Cellular