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Flood Water Protection in the City of Buenos Aires

The Arroyo Mendrano is the second largest channeled stream of water running through Buenos Aires. In case of heavy rainfalls it overflows its banks and causes considerable material damage. When the retention basin which had been especially built to collect large quantities of water during strong precipitation events also overflowed, the government decided to have an alarm-system installed to monitor the water level in the basin. 

water level radar sensor for surface water applications

OTT RLS - Radar Level Sensor

Non-contact water level sensor for long term surface water measurements

The OTT RLS is a non-contact radar level sensor with pulse radar technology that is ideal for monitoring in remote or hard to reach locations.

  • Surface water
  • Water level / distance to water
  • Non-contact pulse radar
  • Measures water level or depth to water from a bridge, pier or mounting arm
  • 0.4 … 35 m
  • 0.8 … 2 m: ± 10 mm; 2 … 30 m: ± 3 mm; 30 … 35 m: ± 10 mm
  • No
  • SDI-12, RS-485 (using SDI-12), or 4 ...20 mA
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