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Data logging and telemetry

Dataloggers are the core of every measurement station and perform key tasks: data collection, processing and storage of data, control of limit values, and transmission of alarm and status messages. We offer dataloggers designed specifically for hydrological applications that are very low power and include a multitude of data transmission options to get data back to the office.

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        Sutron XLink 100/500 Logging Transmitter

        Multi-Sensor Input Logger with data transmission via lridium or Cellular

        Sutron’s XLink product family offers a cost-effective Wi-Fi enabled datalogger with data transmission via Iridium or Cellular.

        • USB-Host, RS-232, Cellular, Data Logger, RS-232 and RS-485, Switchable SDI-12 power, Iridium
        • Plug and play modem, custom programming with Python Scripts (XLlink500), up to 32 measurements, log up to 1,000,000 readings, USB flash drive, secure communication (TLS 1.2 ciphers), multiple interfaces and protocols (HTTP,TCP/IP,FTP), and 3 levels of security to configure, perform maintenance or access data
        • Yes
        • SDI-12, RS-232, RS-485
        satlink 3 data logger

        Sutron SatLink 3 GOES Data Logger

        The World’s First Wi-Fi Multi-Communications Logging Transmitter

        Sutron’s SatLink3 provides a cost-effective way to measure, log, calculate and transmit data from remote locations around the world. The unit monitors 32 independent measurements of most hydrological, meteorological, environmental or related sensors.

        • WiFi, USB-Host, USB-Device, RS-232, Satellite, Cellular, Data Logger
        • The Industry's First Wi-Fi Multi-Communications Logging Transmitter
        • Yes
        • SDI-12, RS-232, Analog, Digital, RS-485, 4-20mA
        satlink 3 Transmitter

        Sutron SatLink 3 XMTR

        Satellite Transmitter

        The SL3-XMTR-1 Transmitter offers a reliable and low-cost method of adding Meteosat / GOES satellite transmission capability to almost any Data Logger. SL3-XMTR transmits the buffer contents of a data logger to one of many Environmental Satellites for which it is certified.

        • Transmitter for Meteosat HDR , GOES and other Satellites
        • Serial Communications over USB port or RS-232 ports
        • Satellite

        Sutron XLite 9210 Data Logger

        Maximum value and functionality Data Logger

        Designed for maximum value and functionality, the XLite 9210B is a high performance data recorder and communications device ideal for remote real-time data acquisition, control, and communications.

        • WiFi, Ethernet, USB-Host, USB-Device, Radio
        • Multi-tasking logger with a 32-bit processor capable of making measurements & communicating simultaneously
        • Yes
        • SDI-12, RS-485, RS-232, analog, digital, 4-20mA

        Sutron Well Cap

        Versatile Groundwater Telemetry System

        Sutron’s Groundwater Well Cap leverages the power and reliability of the X-Link logger family to deliver a cost-effective, self-contained package to monitor groundwater.

        • RS-232, Satellite, Radio
        • Turnkey transmission of data from groundwater sensors via Wifi, Cellular, and Iridium Satellite
        • SDI-12, 4-20mA
        Multichannel IP datalogger

        OTT netDL Data Logger

        Data loggers for remote data collection & long term monitoring

        The versatile OTT netDL 500 and 1000 data loggers were developed specifically for use in hydrology and meteorology stations. In addition to recording data, the loggers are extremely low power and offer flexible data transfer options via the internet and mobile networks, providing a logging and telemetry solution for every project.

        • Ethernet, USB-Host, USB-Device, RS-232, Satellite, Cellular, Industrial Communication
        • High data availability due to large memory and redundant communication, Multitasking capability for short polling cycles, Communication via TCP/IP, Integrated Web Server, Ultra low power consumption, Design for harsh environments, Industrial communication
        • Yes
        • SDI-12, RS-485 (SDI-12), Modbus RTU, analogue-in (voltage and current), Impulse Input, Status Input