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OTT Hydromet - Stormwater Management

Accurate flow and discharge measurement has been a core competency of OTT Hydromet since we created our first flow meter in 1875. Choose from a variety of either portable or stationary measurement options using different measurement technologies, including mechanical, acoustic, Doppler, and more.

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Portable Flow Measurement

Our portable water flow meters are all used for in-stream, spot measurements.  Each instrument is used for specific aquatic conditions and uses different technologies to measure water flow velocity: electro-magnetic, doppler, and acoustic. 

  • OTT MF pro: Electromagnetic Flow Meter
  • OTT Q Liner 2: Doppler 
  • OTT ADC: Acoustic Digital Current Meter

Please view our Mobile Discharge Selection Guide for comparing products.

OTT MF pro

  • Discharge automatically calculated: the OTT MF pro computes discharge automatically based on USGS and ISO methods, saving time and eliminating potential for error caused by written transcription 
  • Versatile applications: the sensor's magnetic inductive measurement principle makes the OTT MF pro ideal for use in low-flow conditions and environments heavy in organic matter, unlike mechanical or acoustic meters


OTT Q Liner 2

  • Acoustic water profiling instrument for section by section discharge measurements in rivers and open channels up to 20 m water depth. 
  • For measurements in case of flooding: Low flow resistance and high boat stability.


OTT ADC - Acoustic Flow Meter

  • Designed specifically for in-stream velocity measurement, the ADC delivers consistently accurate results with the most advanced acoustic technology available.
  • Time saver: built in depth sensor and measurement guidance minimizes time in the field and reduces sources of error by automatic discharge calculation.



Stationary Water Flow Measurement

Our stationary water flow sensor, the OTT Side Looking Doppler, allows water flow professionals to collect longterm discharge, velocity and flow measurements.

Please view our Stationary Discharge Measurement Selection Guide for quick product references. 


  • Velocity measurements from up to nine cells are used, along with measured water level, to calculate discharge either internally in the OTT SLD or externally in a data logger.
  • Equipped with two horizontal ultrasonic transducers "looking sideways" into the flow to measure velocity, with optional vertical transducer and integrated pressure cell measures the water level in waters with high sediment load or flooding.