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11/2018 - OTT HydroMet launches the new XLink 100 and 500

The latest durable, reliable, flexible and cost-effective data logger/transmitter to deliver data you can trust.

OTT HydroMet, a global leader in hydrologic and meteorologic instrumentation and solutions, introduces the Sutron XLink family, the Xlink 100 and 500, for the gathering and transmitting of environmental data. XLink 100/500 combines easy to use, intuitive software offering versatility and programmability. This combination assists the user to gather, store, and access large amounts of data using either cellular or Iridium transmission. The XLink 100/500 seamlessly integrates most environmental sensors, including smart, digital, and analog, while supporting common measurement protocols and interfaces, including SDI-12.

“We are very excited about this product launch, it builds upon the success of its predecessor, the xLink-1 family, and on the horsepower, ease of use, modularity and flexibility of the Satlink3 family combined with over 100 years of building quality and durable products to offer best in class site controller at a very competitive price”, says OTT HydroMet Global Product Manager Sherif Ahmed.

Accurate Data Collection and Remote Access
The new XLink family is ideal for any hydrologist, meteorologist, researcher or scientist who needs to collect accurate time series measurements from ur-ban environmental or remote monitoring stations. The remote capability via cellular or Iridium satellites allows users to access data from anywhere at any time. Remote two-way communication further saves valuable time with the capability to modify the logger’s configuration or turn on or off instruments. Similarly, the XLink 100/500 ‘s Wi-Fi capability allows quick setup and access to data stored on the logger from a smartphone or tablet. Its quick adaptability from one communication method to the next is due to its plug and go mo-dem, which requires only a quick switch of modules. This ensures that the logger can easily adapt to new developments in telecom technologies.

Simple, Easy to Use and Customizable
The operating software for the XLink, LinkComm, offers a wide variety of sen-sor templates, with wiring assistance and no additional programming required to use, but can also be adapted beyond the standard configuration to meet more complicated requirements. Python scripts can be easily used to make measurements and transmissions beyond standard configuration or to com-municate with external modems, displays and much more.

Increased Security and Data Collection Capacity
The XLink 100/500 is capable of measuring 32 environmental parameters simultaneously, enabling more complex configurations on site using just one logger. In addition, the new logger has the capability of storing up to 1 million readings. In the event of communication interruption, data loss risk is reduced as the data can be logged and stored on the device until it can be retrieved by a technician. Data security is at the heart of the design, with three access control levels to protect setup, maintenance and data from unwanted access. In addition, data can be encrypted using IP protocols, such HTTPS or FTPS, or password protected during transmission to the server.

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11/2017 - Hydromet Launches new HYDROLAB HL7 Water Quality Sonde

Kempten, November 2017- OTT Hydromet, a global leader in providing hydrologic and meterologic instrumentation and solutions, introduces the HYDROLAB HL7 multiparameter sonde for continuous monitoring of 9 key water quality parameters in open natural waters. HYDROLAB HL7 includes intuitive software for unmatched usability, exceptional power performance and proven sensor options, all delivering high data quality and reliability.

HYDROLAB water quality instruments and software help environmental scientists monitor  the increasingly important changes in our water resources even in the harshest conditions. The sonde, when utilized with the central cleaning brush is ideal for long term deployments prone to bio-fouling such as in lakes, rivers, wetlands and estuaries.
“The HYDROLAB HL7 represents a smarter and more sophisticated water quality sonde”, said Ronan O'Maitiu, OTT Hydromet’s Water Quality Product Manager. “Matching a strong sensor heritage with intensive development and testing produced massive gains in deployment options and great functionality all streamlined into intuitive software.”   


07/2017 – Clean water for all - but how? OTT Hydromet provides modern measuring instruments for TRUST Research Project

Climate change is exacerbating the lack of water, especially in regions that are already struggling with water shortages. At the same time, worldwide demand for clean drinking water, irrigation water for agriculture and process water for industry is increasing. In the TRUST joint project, experts from various disciplines are therefore working together and developing holistic planning tools as well as novel, integrated water supply and sanitation concepts for sustainable water supply, with priority being given to drinking water supply. It is coordinated by the Center for Interdisciplinary Risk and Innovation Studies (ZIRIUS) at the University of Stuttgart.

TRUST combines soil and satellite-based hyperspectral remote sensing, water balance modelling and strategic decision-making instruments to develop and plan new supply and disposal concepts in the water sector. Taking the example of Lima in Peru, which regularly suffers due to the extreme weather effects of El Niño, technical solutions adapted to the local conditions are being developed for sustainable water resources management ...

...OTT Hydromet provides modern measuring instruments to register water quantity and water quality, as well as meteorological values such as precipitation.

Press release Uni Stuttgart TRUST Project




12/2016 – OTT netDL Data Logger integrates hydrological measurement systems with process control engineering

Kempten (Germany), December 2016. OTT Hydromet has extended the OTT netDL IP Data Logger with special functions for industrial communication. These enable seamless integration of hydrological measurement systems in process control engineering. To do this, the Hydrological Logger transfers its data to the operation unit, which then takes it over and feeds it into the control system, thus creating a continuous measurement chain – direct, digital and prompt.


High resolution pictures for printing can be downloaded here.

10/2016 – New cable way system for OTT Hydromet

Kempten (Germany), October 2016. A new cable way system for flow measurements using the vertical method has been added to the range by the manufacturer OTT Hydromet. The solid, maintenance-free equipment is designed for span lengths of up to 160 m. It has been DEKRA type approved, and ensures safe, smooth operation.


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10/2016 – Treating wastewater as a resource

Kempten (Germany), October 2016. One of the major challenges facing the operators of landfill sites is the disposal of treated effluent. However, to improve sustainability and broaden treatment options, this wastewater can be used as a source of nutrients and water for a Short Rotation Coppice crop (usually Willow) planted upon the restored landfill. A number of UK landfill operators are utilising OTT monitoring and control systems to manage the irrigation of Willow crops with pre-treated effluent.


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09/2016 – OTT Hydromet Group appoints Stanzi Prell as Head of Marketing

Kempten (Germany), September 2016. Stanzi Prell has strengthened the leadership team at the OTT Hydromet Group since September as Vice President Marketing. In this function, she has responsibility for the strategic development of the group with a focus on brand management and marketing communication. She reports directly to Dr. Anton Felder, the Managing Director of the OTT Hydromet Group.


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08/2016 – OTT Hydromet partners with Sea-Bird

Kempten (Germany), August 2016. The OTT Hydromet Group has announced a new distribution strategy for the Sea-Bird Coastal product range of water quality sensors and monitors. “These instruments fit very well with our range of water monitoring technologies,” says OTT’s European Sales Manager Marcus Meckelmann.


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05/2016 – OTT Hydromet Presents Measuring Technology for Municipalities

Kempten (Germany), May 2016. From Rain Water Management to Road Safety
OTT Hydromet GmbH located in Kempten/Germany will present a number of products at the 2016 IFAT Trade Fair in Munich/Germany that are of interest for municipal water management. There will also be something for all those who have to ensure safety on roads.


01/2016 — Welcome Lufft to OTT Hydromet and Hach Environmental

Kempten (Germany), January 2016. OTT Hydromet GmbH, manufacturer of professional measuring technology for hydrology and meteorology, has acquired G. Lufft Mess- und Regeltechnik GmbH, one oft the leading manufacturers for environmental measuring technology. With the acquisition of Lufft and the recent acquisition of Sutron Corporation in 2015, OTT Hydromet continues to grow as a premier provider of advanced meteorological solutions.


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