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Ireland Groundwater Monitoring Program

To fulfill the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD) requirements, a groundwater monitoring program was established by the Environmental Protection Agency of Ireland. This program focues on providing information to assess the environmental status of surface and groundwater bodies. Read about the program and the example installation in the Bog of the Ring.

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OTT Orpheus Mini per il monitoraggio di acque sotterranee, livello dell'acqua e temperatura

OTT Orpheus Mini

Strumento con sensore di pressione integrato e datalogger per misurazioni del livello in applicazioni nell'ambito delle acque di superficie e sotterranee

OTT Orpheus Mini è un sensore di pressione integrato e un datalogger per misurazioni del livello in applicazioni nell'ambito delle acque di superficie e sotterranee.

  • Acqua di superficie Acque sotterranee
  • Cella di pressione ventilata
  • Livello dell'acqua/pressione, temperatura dell'acqua
  • Misura e memorizza i dati relativi alla temperatura e al livello dell'acqua
  • 0 … 4, 10, 20, 40, and 100 m
  • ± 0.05% FS
Misuratore a contatto OTT KL010

Freatimetri OTT - Descrizione

Descrizione Freatimetri mod. KL 010 e mod. KL110-TM

Il freatimetro è uno strumento indispensabile per chi lavora con le acque sotterranee. Il freatimetro OTT è disponibile in diverse lunghezze e con accessori opzionali quali il contatto di fondo o il sensore di temperatura.

  • Strumenti di misuratzione KL010: 15 ... 750 m; KL010 TM: 25 ... 500 m; KL010 TCM 30 ... 500 m
  • Acque sotterranee
  • Misuratore a contatto
  • Livello dell'acqua/soggiacenza, temperatura, conduttività
  • Misurazione manuale del livello dell'acqua, temperatura e/o conduttività

The Environmental Protection Agency of Ireland operates 130 wells (5 with telemetry) and 24 springs with overflow measurement for the Ireland Groundwater Monitoring Program. Data collected from target monitoring sites is used to validate risk assessments and investigate long-term water level trends.
From analysis of the collected water level data, the Bog of the Ring was identified as a groundwater body at risk of declining water levels due to groundwater abstractions. In 2009 groundwater levels were still declining and the Bog of the Ring was classified as having a poor quantitative status. Therefore in 2010 actions were taken, including improvements to the public supply network and abstraction regime. In 2011 abstraction volumes declined from 3,500 m3/day to 2,500 m3/day.
Based on this general recovery in groundwater levels the Bog of the Ring may meet a Good Quantitative Status in 2015.

Sites were selected based on the conceptual understanding of hydrogeology and anthropogenic pressures within each groundwater body or group of bodies. Examples of site criteria include:

  • Sites located across groundwater body or group of bodies to achieve a good spatial spread of data
  • Recharge and discharge areas
  • Areas with current or future planned abstraction
  • Assessing the groundwater contribution to rivers from poorly productive aquifers

Hourly/sub-hourly measurements and data recording greatly enhance the understanding of aquifer responses in dynamic aquifer systems and the behavior relating to abstraction from public supply wells. The technical equipment to collect these data was deliverd and installed by OTT Hydromet:

  • 131 monitoring locations were outfitted with OTT Orpheus Mini groundwater loggers in 2008-09, 5 of them in the Bog of the Ring
  • 5  locations were outfitted with OTT Intelligent Top Caps for remote data transmission
  • Water levels are measured and stored by the OTT Orpheus Mini every 15 minutes
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