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OTT ecoN

Low maintenance UV nitrate sensor

Advancing UV nitrate sensors, the OTT ecoN combines field reliability with a user friendly, low operational cost, future ready platform. It uses optical UV absorption technology for the determination of nitrate concentrations in fresh environmental surface and groundwater. The calculation of nitrate from the filtered absorption spectrum includes compensations for turbidity and organic interferences. Nitrate measurements and sensor status information is available in real-time for integration into data acquisition systems. The anti-fouling wiper reduces maintenance requirements and extends deployment times for continuous monitoring locations.

  • Attended, Unattended
  • Ethernet, Data Logger, RS-485 (Modbus RTU)
  • Smart optical technology, access with web browser, optional anti-fouling wiper, calibration verification, fexible application options
  • No
  • Ethernet (TCP/IP), RS-485 (Modbus RTU), SDI-12 (via converter)
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Smart optical technology

  • Individual absorption channels deliver reliable data
  • Separate reference signal provides greater accuracy
  • Smart channel processing reduces drift and eliminates bias
  • Turbidity and dissolved organic matter compensations for data quality

Access with web browser 

  • No need to install software to access and manage instrument
  • Minimizes IT security concerns
  • Greater flexibility as different Operating Systems can be used

Anti-fouling wiper

  • Wiper removes bio-fouling even in harsh conditions
  • Minimizes the likelihood of noisy data caused by debris
  • Simple to exchange wiper blades without the use of tools 
  • Reduces the amount of maintenance and increases deployment length
  • Nano coating on lens reduces biofouling and prolongs life

Calibration verification

  • Does not require annual factory calibrations reducing maintenance costs
  • Use standard solutions to verify performance and provide traceability
  • Verification of Zero baseline using ultrapure water
  • Supports additional dissolved oxygen matter (DOM) compensation adjustment based on laboratory results

Flexible sensor options 

  • Ability to use sensor for different site conditions
  • Less restrictions in instrument selection and usage
  • On-board logger supporting portable appliactions with external power suply

Fresh surface and groundwater

  • Lakes and reservoirs
  • Streams and rivers
  • Groundwater aquifers

Ideal for

  • Nitrate loading and reduction studies
  • Academic research
  • Regulatory monitoring
  • Wetland management
OTT ecoN - Brochure
OTT ecoN - Data Sheet
OTT ecoN - Product Guide
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Operation & System Setup
Light Source Xenon flash lamp
Detector 4 photo diodes + filter
Measurement principle Attenuation
Optical path 0.3 mm, 1 mm, 2 mm, 5 mm, 10 mm
Input Data
Parameter NO3-N, NO3, NOx-N, NOx
(calibrated with NO3
standard solution)
Measuring range 0.3 mm path
1.65...200 mg/L NO3-N
1 mm path
0.5...60 mg/L NO3-N
2 mm path
0.25...30 mg/L NO3-N
5 mm path
0.1...12 mg/L NO3-N
10 mm path
0.05...6 mg/L NO3-N
Measurement accuracy 0.3 mm = ± (5 % + 3.3 mg/L NO3-N)
1 mm = ± (5 % + 1.0 mg/L NO3-N))
2 mm = ± (5 % + 0.5 mg/L NO3-N)
5 mm = ± (5 % + 0.2 mg/L NO3-N)
10 mm = ± (5 % + 0.1 mg/L NO3-N)
Turbidity compensation Yes
Data logger 2 GB
T100 response time 20 s
Measurement interval ≥ 10 s
Constructional Design
Housing material Stainless steel (1.4571/1.4404)
Dimensions (L x Ø) 470 mm x 48 mm (10 mm path)
18.5 inch x 1.9 inch (with 10 mm path)
Weight 3 kg (6.6 lbs)
Auxiliary Power
Interface digital Ethernet (TCP/IP) RS-485 (Modbus RTU)
Power supply 12...24 VDC (± 10 %)
Output Data
Power consumption ≤ 7 W
Performance Characteristics
System compatibility Modbus RTU
Warranty 2 years
Max. pressure 3 bar (43.5 psig)
Protection type IP68 NEMA 6P
Ambient Conditions
Sample temperature +2...+40 °C
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