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Water flow

Accurate flow and discharge measurement has been a core competency of OTT Hydromet since we created our first flow meter in 1875. Choose from a variety of either portable or stationary measurement options using different measurement technologies, including mechanical, acoustic, Doppler, and more.

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        Surface Water Velocity Radar Sensor for Discharge Systems

        OTT SVR 100

        Surface Velocity Radar for Measuring Open Channel Flow

        OTT SVR 100 is a simple, non-contact, compact surface water velocity radar sensor. Designed for measuring flow in open channels and rivers where reliable velocity data is required continuously, during floods or periods of high concentrations of suspended sediments.

        • Fixed installation
        • Identify data influenced by sensor movement (e.g., wind, traffic) using meta data from integrated vibration and tilt sensors
        • Non-contact surface velocity radar
        • No
        • 0.08 ... 15 m/s (0.26 … 49 ft./s)
        Fixed installation of water flow sensor

        OTT SLD - Side Looking Doppler Sensor

        Water flow meter for longterm data collection of velocity and discharge measurements

        The OTT SLD uses acoustic Doppler technology for continuous measurement of water velocity and level in streams, rivers, and canals.

        • Fixed installation
        • Acoustic
        • Flow velocity
        • Side-Looking-Doppler for continuous discharge measurement in rivers and open channels. Discharge calculation based on velocity - index - method. Integrated vessel filter algorithm, Modbus interface and output of total volume of flow (max. interval 1 day).
        • ± 10 m/s
        • ± 1 % of measured value ± 0.5 cm/s
        Handheld electromagnetic stream flow meter with automatic discharge calculation

        OTT MF pro - Water Flow Meter

        Handheld electromagnetic water flow meter with automatic discharge calculation

        The OTT MF Pro is a user-friendly, low maintenance electromagnetic current meter for cost-efficient in-stream discharge measurement.

        • Spot
        • Electro-magnetic
        • Flow velocity and water depth
        • Low maintenance magnetic - inductive probe with level measurement for reliable flow measurements. Works well in low flow and turbulent conditions, cross - sections with weed growth and pollution. Applicable in streams and conduits.
        • 0 … 6 m/s
        • ± 2% of measured value ± 0.015 m/s ( 0 … 3 m/s ) and ± 4% of measured value ± 0.015 m/s ( 3 … 5 m/s )
        OTT Qliner 2 – Doppler technology for mobile discharge measurements

        OTT Q Liner2 ADCP Boat

        Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler for surface water discharge measurement

        OTT Qliner 2 – Doppler technology for mobile discharge measurement in rivers and channels. The robust system delivers reliable measurements even in moving sole conditions or at flood situations.

        • Spot
        • Acoustic
        • Flow velocity and depth
        • Acoustic water profiling instrument for section by section discharge measurements in rivers and open channels up to 20 m water depth. Operated by PDA user software with Bluetooth data transmission. Low flow resistance and high boat stability.
        • ± 10 m/s
        • ± 1% of measured value ± 0.5 cm/s