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OTT Hydras 3 Basic

Basic communication software

OTT Hydras 3 Basic communication software is a convenient and user-friendly solution for the configuration of OTT dataloggers, for downloading measured values using a notebook, and for automatic remote data collection via modem. Hydras 3 Basic is equipped with a multitude of functions to simplify the setting up of sensors and the maintenance of measurement stations.
  • Hydrometry, Meteorology and Environmental Protection
  • Microsoft Windows 95/98/2000, Windows NT 4.0, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
  • Graphical editor, Parametrization and data reading of stations, Autoimport of data, Displaying data
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  • Instrument configuration on-site or via modem
  • Database of measured values and measurement site management
  • Creation and printing of graphs and tables based on measured data
  • Auto and manual import of measured data from measurement sites
  • Manual export of data in various formats
Applicationsoftware OTT Hydras 3 (Basic/Standard/Pro/net)
Hydras 3LT Software

Selecting data files I have the possibility to check GZIP, what is this for?

This compresses the data file and reduces the size by a factor of up to 10 which is beneficial for a shorter transmission and less power consumption. The data will need to be decompressed (unzipped) on the receiving server. OTT HydroMet Hydras 3 does this automatically.

I have Hydras 3 net but am not able to use the commands with the ecoLog 1000?

You need to have a Hydras 3 version 4.0 or higher to have ecoLog 1000 management network support.