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OTT Hydras 3

Monitoring network management software

The Hydras 3 Application Software is designed for data management in hydrometrical and meteorological monitoring networks. Hydras 3 offer a practical, user-friendly software structure for the collection, processing, interpretation, evaluation and transmission of measured data from sensors and stations. The software package incorporates powerful functions and a database specialized for hydrological, meteorological and water quality time series management. The software package is continually evolving, with major input from various global water authorities and hydro experts.
  • Hydrometry, Meteorology and Environmental Protection
  • Microsoft Windows 95/98/2000, Windows NT 4.0, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
  • Graphical editor, Map display, Alarm management, Parametrization and data reading of stations, Autoimport of data, Autoexport, Displaying data
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Monitoring Network Management

  • High functionality for organization and work with measurement networks
  • Easy data access capabilities (optimized for hydrological and meteorological data)
  • Downloading of measured data from OTT instruments / measurement stations, on site or via remote data transmission (Sat / Radio / GSM-GPRS/ IP-COM )
  • Pro Version adds customized functions with script language: based on Pascal syntax, object oriented features, with interactive creation of graphical user interfaces
  • Pro Version includes an integrated web server for data web publication
  • All versions feature alarm management and processing

Management of data and time series 

  • Calculations, evaluations, statistics, reports
  • Time series administration
  • Easy to use, drag & drop and mouse configuration for most functions.
  • Graphical editor: for subsequent editing of measuring values
  • Multiple graphics  and graphical editor for  manipulating measuring values
  • Numerical presentation of the measuring data in tabular format
  • Statistical evaluation (comfortable, automatic generation of year/longterm reports)
  • Virtual sensor: calculation of a software sensor from the values of up to 6 real sensors
  • Correlation analysis
  • ISO lines presentation
  • Automated or manual import of measuring data (different formats)
  • Automated or manual export of data to external applications (various formats)
  • Integration of maps - graphics; measuring sites and sensors are marked with symbols
  • Administration of info data (measuring station observer entries, picture data,...)

User administration

  • Multi-user platform with network capabilities: intranet / internet data access and presentation with different user privileges
  • Multilingual (German, English, French, Spanish)
  • Assignment of individual user rights
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Selecting data files I have the possibility to check GZIP, what is this for?

This compresses the data file and reduces the size by a factor of up to 10 which is beneficial for a shorter transmission and less power consumption. The data will need to be decompressed (unzipped) on the receiving server. OTT HydroMet Hydras 3 does this automatically.

I have Hydras 3 net but am not able to use the commands with the ecoLog 1000?

You need to have a Hydras 3 version 4.0 or higher to have ecoLog 1000 management network support.