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OTT ecoLog 1000 Water Level Logger

Self-contained groundwater level logger for measuring water level and temperature with integrated mobile communication

The OTT ecoLog 1000 is a self-contained, cellular groundwater level logger for measuring water level  and  temperature. It  provides  reliable  system  up-time  and  accurate  measurements  while   avoiding data gaps. It’s simple to operate using just a smart phone or PC via integrated Bluetooth Low  Energy  (BLE)  -  no  additional  tools  for  maintenance  or  battery  replacement.  It  supports  mobile devices, smart phones, and tablets operating with Android, iOS or Windows 10. Configure  and  monitor  your  data  remotely  with  integrated  two-way  mobile communication  to avoid  unnecessary,  expensive  trips  to  your  measurement  site  and  send  encrypted  data  with automatic retries if transmission fails.

The ecoLog 1000 with 4G/2G module will replace the ecoLog 500.

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  • Surface water, Groundwater
  • Vented pressure cell
  • Waterlevel/pressure, water temperature
  • Integrated modem (4G / 2G), Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), operation via APP, Lithium Powerpack with plug, exact battery level indicator, service life > 10 years, IP data transmission, cable can be shortened on site
  • 0 … 4, 10, 20, 40, and 100 m
  • ± 0.05 % FS
  • Yes
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  • Integrated cellular modem
  • Wireless local communication via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • Local communication via APP (Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows 10 devices)
  • Remote access via mobile communication, network management capabilities
  • Robust design – ceramic pressure cell for level measurement
  • Intelligent power management
  • Cable length can be easily adjusted on-site

Designed for

  • Ground and surface water level monitoring
  • Short-term and long term continuous monitoring to collect more data, more often
  • Access the data  anytime and anywhere with internet or cell connection (in conjunction with a data hosting bundle)
  • Monitor water level rises, drought, climate change, water availability, and water use over  time
  • Precise and accurate water level data in near real-time

Used by

  • Municipal, state, and federal government agencies
  • Water resource managers, scientists, and technicians
  • Universities and research centers
  • Consultants and engineers


  • Groundwater, in well solution
  • Surface water, in pipe solution
  • Urban to remote locations with mobile signal
  • For fresh, brackish, or salt water
Brochure - Groundwater level logger with remote data transmission 4G/2G OTT ecoLog 1000
ecoLog 1000 - list of approved countries EN
Operating instructions Groundwater Datalogger OTT ecoLog 1000
OTT ecoLog 1000 - CE Konformitätserklärung | Declaration of Conformity | Declaration de Conformité
OTT ecoLog 1000 - Operating software/Firmware - EN
OTT ecoLog 1000 Control File FTP
OTT ecoLog 1000 Toolbox
OTT ecoLog 1000 – Available SMS commands
OTT ecoLog 1000: Data Formats
OTT ecoLog 1000: Secure data transmission using HTTPS - info sheet
SUTRON LinkComm Software - EN
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Measurement range
Measurement range pressure 0 ... 4 m (13 ft ), 0 ... 10 m (33 ft), 0 ... 20 m (66 ft), 0 ... 40 m (131), 0 ... 100 m (328 ft) water column
Resolution pressure 0.001 m / 0.1 cm / 0.01 ft / 0.1 inch / 0.0001 bar / 0.001 psi
Accuracy pressure ± 0.05 % full scale
Long-term stability (linearity + hysteresis) ± 0.1 %/a full scale
Units Water level m/cm/mbar/ ft, inch, psi
Pressure sensor ceramic / temperature-compensated
Temperature-compensated operating range (compensated) -5 °C (ice-free) ... +45 °C
Measurement range temperature -25 °C ... +70 °C
Resolution temperature* 0.01 °C / 0.02 °F
Accuracy temperature* ± 0.1 °C / 0.2 °F
Unit temperature °C
Electrical data
Power supply 3.6 V / 26 Ah - Lithium power pack with connector
Battery life time > 10 years @ average temperature of 20 °C/68 °F, 1 hour sampling and 1 transmission per day
RTC Clock Accuracy ± 26 s / month (at 25 °C / 77 °F) / < ± 3 s using SNTP
Modem Mobile network LTE Cat-1(4G): B3 (1800 MHz), B8 (900 MHz), B20 (800 MHz)
Local interface BLE 5.0 - up to 10 m (free line of sight)
Antenna SMA connector with Penta Band Stubby Antenna
Measurement values Water level / water pressure
Sample/storage interval 5 s ... 24 h
Data transmission
Transmission interval 1 min ... 1/week
SMS SMS data transmission / commands
Data memory
Measurement memory 28 MB (> 970.000 values)
Operating environment
Temperature range, operating -30 °C ... +85 °C (-22 °F ... +185 °F)
Temperature range, storage -40 °C ... +85 °C (-40 °F ... +185 °F)
Humidity 5% ... 95 % (non-condensing)
IP rating logger unit Flooding without damage for 1 week / 1 m (3.3 ft) water column
IP rating senor IP68
Logger unit LxØ: 525 x 50 mm (2") / LxØ: 20.7 x 2.0 inch
Pressure probe LxØ: 195 x 22 mm (<1") / LxØ: 7.7 x 0.9 inch
System length** 2 ... 200 m (±1 % ±5 cm) / 6 ... 656 ft (±1 % ±1 inch) (cable length incl. communication unit and pressure probe)
Installation 2" and up
Logger unit incl. battery pack ~ 900 g (~ 31.7 oz)
Pressure probe ~ 670 g (~23.6 oz)
Pressure probe cable ~42 g/m (~1,48 oz/m)
Pressure probe housing Stainless steel 1.4539 (904L)
Logger housing Aluminum / POM
Cable jacket PUR - certified for drinking water
Directives compliance
EU directives compliance CE
US directives compliance FCC / IC
* higher resolution/accuracy on request
** larger system length on request
Download PDF

Why do I get no connection via Bluetooth with my Windows PC?

  1. You need mandatory a Windows 10 OS Release 1607, Build 14393 or higher (Windows 7 or an earlier version will not work!)
  2. The internal Bluetooth driver is not current and needs an update; check the webpage of the Bluetooth module manufacturer for the latest version
  3. Your PC does not have a built-in Bluetooth module, use an external one, we recommend Delock USB Bluetooth Adapter V4.0 dual mode or try other adapters supporting Bluetooth Low Energy (important still Windows 10 OS required!)

Everything is setup correctly and I was able to communicate with the ecoLog 1000 with my smartphone and windows PC, but now I do not get a connection?

The device only communicates via one communication path, mobile communication via the modem or locally via Bluetooth. If by chance a transmission is ongoing, the Bluetooth is blocked. Try again since a transmission is typically completed within 1 minute.

Why am I not able to see the device and connect while modem is dialing and ecoLog 1000 is sending data or receiving updates?

This is done on purpose as it is not possible to maintain active Bluetooth and Modem (TCP/IP) connection at the same time. This is done mainly for security and compliance reasons. Please wait for the TCP/IP communication to complete and then device will be visible and connectable again.

I see on the screen the LinkComm dashboard and want to enter a control measurement value, how do I enter the value?

Click on “Click for available actions…” next to the level or depth to water measurement (M1 on top), you will be asked to calibrate which allows you to enter the reference value.

When I did a test transmission, I just received an empty OTTML file, why?

This is on purpose to identify the transmission as a test transmission.

Where do I configure a maintenance window like in the existing ecoLog 500?

Maintenance windows are not available anymore because a dial in via a modem (CSD) is not possible anymore. This is not supported by 4G (LTE) and will be or is already discontinued for GSM/GPRS by the most providers as well.

I have Hydras 3 net but am not able to use the commands with the ecoLog 1000?

You need to have a Hydras 3 version 4.0 or higher to have ecoLog 1000 management network support.

I have a SIM card with a static IP address, how do I connect via the IP address with the ecoLog 1000?

The ecoLog 1000 does not have webserver and can therefore not be reached via a static IP address. The device is a web client only. To have 2-way communication the network management software Hydras 3 net is available.

In the dashboard of LinkComm, I see tabs for “Refresh Status” and “Measure all”, what are they for?

“Refresh Status” refreshes the view, reads and displays always the last stored values from the ecoLog 1000 as configured in M1-M5. “Measure All” performs an actual measurement and displays these values.

I have 4 servers configured but I can configure only 2 transmission times?

The ecoLog provides 2 transmission and therefore 2 transmission times. For each transmission, 2 servers can be configured as either parallel transmission or fallback.

I need to send my data encrypted. What possibilities do I have?

You can use HTTPS TLS 1.2 (incl. latest Cipher Suites). The ecoLog 1000 does not support FTP-S or SFTP.

I created a new station and was able to save it in LinkComm but since there is no save button anymore, how do I save changes to the configuration?

Once a station is created and saved in LinkComm, all modifications are automatically saved. An additional step to save changes is not required.

What does the SNTP setting do?

Each electronic device with an internal clock has a time slip called drift. This means the time of the clock is drifting away from the true time. Even though the ecoLog 1000 RTC (real time clock) is quite accurate, it will drift. With SNTP (Simple Network Time Protocol) each time a transmission is done the time is checked on a public server and adjusted if required, this is a no-cost service.

Why can I enter, under “Other Setup”, the latitude and longitude of the measurement site?

If data is sent to software like Hydras 3 net, the station location will automatically be displayed on the map.

How do I perform a firmware update locally via LinkComm?

You can do this manually via “Upgrade” in the tab “Diagnostics”. If you receive a new LinkComm, the new firmware for the device is already build into LinkComm and can be installed out of LinkComm.

How do I get LinkComm?

LinkComm is a free of charge operating software for the ecoLog. The Windows 10 PC version is available on the OTT HydroMet website. The APPs for Android or iOS can be downloaded from the APP stores.

I have a Sutron logger, like the XLink family, that uses LinkComm. What is the difference in the LinkComm for these products?

There is only one LinkComm which is used for all loggers including the ecoLog 1000. Make sure to have the latest version with all the loggers supported.

I saw in LinkComm the function “SMS commands”, what is this for?

With this you can send a sms to the ecoLog 1000 and change some parameters e.g. transmission interval, details can be found in the manual of ecoLog 1000.

What do I do if I face problems and need to contact OTT Hydroservice?

Always save an export of the configuration, the diagnosis file “Diagnostics” -> “Save Diagnostics…” and the “Event log…” (click on the hamburger button on the left top to access this) and send these file - very important! - with the description of your problem to Hydroservice, be as specific as possible.

Why are the time settings gone after replacing the battery?

If the power source is disconnected longer than 40s the internal clock loses its time and needs to be set via LinkComm.

I replaced the used battery with a new one and want to reset the PBAT measurement, how can I do this?

Go to “Diagnostics” to find the button “Reset PBAT”.

I stopped receiving data on my server because the battery is not able to power the modem anymore. Is my data lost?

No, the data is in nonvolatile storage and will remain there even if no power is applied. If the battery is too weak for transmissions, it will stop transmitting but has enough reserve power to continue to measure at least another ten thousand values. Measurement data will not be lost and with the continued measurements the exchange of the battery can be planned. After installing a new battery, the data not previously transmitted will be transmitted and no gaps will occur on the server.

How do I know the battery is coming to its end?

You can set limits to the “Supply Voltage” M3 or the “Power Consumption” M4 and send alarms to one or more recipients.

How do I know how long the battery will last with my configuration?

OTT HydroMet provides a calculation tool helping to understand how long the battery could last.

I want to source the battery pack other than at OTT HydroMet, where can I get it?

You can source it only at OTT HydroMet. The whole system is tested and certified with OTT HydroMet components and only in this way we can guarantee the safety and functionality of the device.

I saw 2 LED’s when I opened the device what do these indicate?

The one towards the top (labeled BLE) is green if the Bluetooth connection is active. The second one is for the mobile communication (labeled STAT) is red when a transmission via the modem is active. Additionally, this LED flashes once red after a new start i.e. power reset. You can use this when you are in the office and want to see what is currently going on.

What tool do I use to tighten the connector of an external antenna at the ecoLog 1000?

Use no tool. It is sufficient and recommended to tighten the connector by hand.

In the device there are 2 desiccants, why 2?

One desiccant is for the capillary in the cable and one for the housing. We recommend changing them regularly, also see the manual.

I have, from a former device, a MicroSIM card which does not fit in the ecoLog 1000. What can I do?

There are inexpensive adapters from Nano or Micro SIM to the required MiniSIM available in almost every electronic shop.

Can I pull the data with a modem connection like the OTT ecoLog 500 ?

Data pull via modem is not possible any longer. This is not supported by 4G (LTE) and will be or is already discontinued for GSM/GPRS by the most providers as well.

If I use network management and data visualization with 2 different systems e.g. NWM Hydras 3 net and data management WISKI, is this possible?

Yes, both systems can run in parallel on different servers and with different transmissions.

I have some sites with no 4G coverage, will the system work?

This depends if there is no coverage at all it will not work but if there is GSM/GPRS the ecoLog 1000 will automatically connect to this network.

I want to measure, besides level and temperature, also conductivity with the ecoLog 1000, how do I do this

Not possible in current version, ecoLog 800 is still available.

The ecoLog 1000 allows to disconnect the cable with the sensor, can I attach a sensor from the ecoLog 500 to the ecoLog 1000?

No, it is a different module with different electronic and interface.

Which parameters can be measured?

The following parameters can be measured / detected with the OTT ecoLog 1000: water level (through pressure), water temperature, supply voltage, power consumption, signal strength (humidity in com unit not as parameter but as Meta data in OTTML header).

Is it possible to connect another sensor via SDI-12 or RS485

No, it's not possible to connect further sensors, because the OTT ecoLog 1000 is a complete system, which allows only sensors from OTT ecoLog 1000 to be connected.

Is the modem optional?

OTT ecoLog 1000 is a device which features mobile/cell communication, an option without telemetry is not planned.

Does the ecoLog 1000 have an integrated webserver?

OTT ecoLog 1000 is an IP capable data logger acting as webclient, web server functionality does not make sense in this device, the modem would be required to switched on all time (power!) or it would be only limited access due to the need of maintenance windows.

Does the ecoLog 1000 have additional an IrDA interface as ecoLog 500?

No, local communication is done exclusively via Bluetooth.