OTT Blog relocates – and dresses up

The new OTT HydroMet Blog is online

Moving into a new house often evokes mixed feelings. Pleasant anticipation, respect for the related work, but also a bit of nostalgia.

Now, we’re ready to launch our new blog. There you find, as usual, interesting and astonishing stories from the hydrological community as well as news about the broad product portfolio by OTT, Hydrolab, and Sutron.

Aside from a reworked – we think chic – design, our new blog will become the home of our OTT CAST and a broader topical range. So, don’t be confused when you come across articles about meteorology or solar energy. They all belong to the cosmos of OTT HydroMet.

Hydrology, meteorology, solar energy. Observing the elements is key to better understanding our planet. This blog tells the manifold stories of experts working in environmental monitoring with help of our sensors and solutions.

We look forward to your visit and feedback!

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