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Via the OTT HydroMet Blog we inform you about TechTips, product innovations, market news, events and more.

datalogger, communications protocols, sdi-12, modbus

The OTT netDL datalogger is compatible with many different communication protocols, including SDI-12 and MODBUS

TechTips are instructions for special functions of different OTT solutions, e.g. how to connect and operate the OTT Pluvio² precipitation sensor with the OTT netDL data logger. The TechTip category is therefore a great opportunity for you to discover new features of certain OTT products. These are often new, because they were added by a firmware update.

As soon as we launch new products, firmware or software, we use the OTT Blog to introduce them and inform you on its features, fields of application and technical specifications. Thus, it’s a perfect platform to keep yourself on track about our innovations, product updates and re-launches. One example is the recently launched OTT ecoLog 1000 water level logger with integrated 4G (LTE) mobile communication module.

We present: the brand-new OTT ecoLog 1000 water level logger

Another blog category is branch news. Here we provide insights into market trends and developments, such as in the article about the future of mobile communications in Europe. Also, we look at the challenges those developments involve and how these can be overcome. Mostly, we manage them by adapting our sensor solutions. The OTT Blog therefore provides an opportunity to look at market news from a different angle and find suitable solutions.

Moreover, we offer previews and reports on annual events through the Blog. OTT helps you to prepare for upcoming trade fairs or to get a review of past ones. One example is our article about the big year review in December 2019, which covers, among other things, the most important events of the past year.

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