How Flooding Data Saves Lives

How measured data can save lives in case of flooding

Discover our latest infographic about flood warning systems and how measurement data can safe lives.


When a community is unprepared for rising water levels or flooding events, it can be disastrous for its local individuals and infrastructure. Data plays a critical role in preparing key decision makers to lead their communities during these emergency situations.

In urban areas in particular, the risk of flooding is rising. Populations are growing and becoming more concentrated, and this urbanization is leading to natural areas being replaced by impervious surfaces that promote surface water runoff. Coupled with the impacts of climate change and increasing frequency of precipitation, the current scale of urban flooding is worsening.

In our latest info graphic, we’ve outlined specific flood warning systems and management plans that are important for protecting your community with near-real time data. See how you can customize your solution based on the data you need, combined with modern remote communication technologies.



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