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OTT Hydromet Water Quality Solutions

From simple spot checking to multi-month deployments in biologically rich waters, OTT Hydromet can suit the needs of nearly every water quality professional with instrumentation from Hydrolab and Sea-Bird Coastal.

- Learn more about Hydrolab sondes for surface water & groundwater

- Learn more about Sea-Bird Coastal instruments for long term deployment

- Learn more about our sensors for in-situ nutrient monitoring

Surface Water & Groundwater

Hydrolab multiparameter sondes can measure a wide variety of water quality parameters via spot sampling or unattended, real-time data capture in surface water and groundwater applications, providing the flexibility to tailor sensors to the exact application need. 

Hydrolab Multiparameter Sondes:

  • All Hydrolab instrumentation has 17 available sensors for multiparameter measurements
  • The Hydrolab DS5X provides the opportunity to measure up to 16 parameters simultaneously
  • The new HL4 Muliparameter Sonde: ease of use, reliability and metadata produce water quality data you can trust


Long Term Deployment

Sea-Bird Coastal sensors are designed for long term deployments of up to 12 months. The portfolio of monitoring solutions includes instruments for multi-parameter monitoring in the most challenging environments on earth.

Sea-Bird Coastal WQM (Water Quality Monitor) and Sea-Bird Coastal HydroCAT:

  • Robust designs made specifically for long term deployments in biologically rich waters
  • Anti-fouling solutions for optimized unattended monitoring
  • High accuracy instruments proven to last up to 12 months, depending on the application and aquatic conditions 


Nutrient Monitoring

Continuous monitoring of nutrient levels in water bodies provides critical information about the daily, seasonal and event based changes in water quality conditions.  Nutrient levels also are key indicators on the overall health of the water body.  In recent years, monitoring nutrient levels has become standard in regulatory compliance of water quality in many regions of the world. Sea-Bird Coastal provides several solutions for long-term unattended measurement of nitrate and phosphate in real-time.

Sea-Bird Coastal SUNA: Optical Nitrate Sensor:

  • Optical measurement of nitrate for high accuracy and no need for reagents
  • Measures nitrate in increasingly challenging waters, including extremely turbid and high CDOM waters.
  • Stability over a wide range of environmental conditions, from blue-ocean nitraclines to storm runoff in rivers and streams.

Sea-Bird Coastal Cycle-P: Phosphate Sensor:

  • Provides unparalleled precision and accuracy in phosphate nutrient monitoring
  • Ideally suited for unattended monitoring the Cycle PO4 includes pre-mixed on-board reagent cartridges and on-board calibration standards



Questions about what instrument will work best for your application?

Contact us to speak with one of our experts about your water quality application!

2015 Sonde Survivor Contest!

We are running the Sonde Survivor Contest for the second year in a row, to test who has the "toughest" application for their water quality sondes! 

Visit the Hydrolab website for contest details.